Avocado Yummerz Recipe – Kids Love It!

Matthew Monarch
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This yummy avocado recipe with nutritional yeast and salt is a quick and simple snack. Angela taught our nieces how to make this while they were here recently and they couldn’t stop eating it, each and every day. As they were eating it after this video, they were saying “This is soooo good!”, even though they’d already eaten it daily for many days in a row. I wish I’d had the camera on! Oria also loves this mixture and eats it frequently. Learn how to make this quick, delicious, fulfilling snack in this four minute recipe video with myself and our nieces!


Image attributions:
 "avocado-yummers" by Ruth Hartnup (Featured Image)
Licensed under CC BY 4.0, images may have been modified in some way

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