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Yoga For Sciatica
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About a year and a half ago I was having some strange sensations in my left leg.  Everything from numbness – up and down my leg – to a stabbing pain in my calf muscle.  I was also having problems with what I thought was my arches which ended up being all related to Sciatica.

I decided for the first time in my life to visit a chiropractor.  A combination of Chiropractic Visits and Yoga Stretches have REALLY helped me, personally.  I didn’t just combine the two ideas myself.  My chiropractor told me to do a specific stretch which he referred to as the ‘Miranda Pose’ but from my past yoga classes noticed he was referring to the ‘Sphinx Pose’.

He suggested I do this 6 times each day for 2 to 3 minutes each time.  This worked well but then I was intrigued and started researching Yoga For Sciatica, specifically, and noticed there were a LOT of great suggestions including some of the following…

* Yoga International has a great article on 7 Poses to Soothe Sciatica

* Yoga Journal has a whole section of poses with a Therapeutic Focus for Sciatica

* According to the How Stuff Works – Health Section – Yoga can reduce the pain of Sciatica without Meds – and I agree as it’s helped me.  I haven’t had to take anything for my Sciatica.  Once I was on the right ‘track’ with my Chiropractor I have only had to go back once but have dealt with any discomfort with easy yoga stretches.

* Women’s Fitness has 10 Poses they have on their list as suggestions, too!

* This is NOT the Chiropractor that I go to but I did find a chiropractors website online who suggests yoga as a way to relieve Sciatica with 5 Poses.

I am NOT a medical professional and am not giving anyone any medical advice but I am sharing with you my story and my success with a combination of Yoga and Chiropractic Care based on my individual Sciatica symptoms and discomforts.  Each person is different and each person should contact professionals they trust and research information from sources they trust as well.

I wish you all luck in your recovery and pain management adventures.

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