Woman Cures Heart Disease with Juicing and Raw Foods

Nadine Watters
Woman Cures Heart Disease with Juicing and Raw Foods
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Kimberly Bockoven decided to take control of her health when she reached over three hundred and fifty pounds. With numerous unhealthy symptoms and a diseased heart, Kimberly began focusing her diet on a plant-based, raw food diet and juicing. Since bravely taking on a new lifestyle, Kimberly has regained a healthy heart, an active lifestyle and a new appreciation for the raw food diet. (1,3)

Kimberly Used the Raw Food Diet to Surprise Doctors and Self-Heal Herself

Before Kimberly began her raw food diet she was experiencing symptoms of a heart murmur, arthritis, and pulmonary edema to name a few. Her doctors told her she would be on heart and high blood pressure medication for the rest of her life.

When Kimberly took her health into her own hands and adopted the raw food diet, she immediately began to see improvements. She began her raw food diet in January of 2012, and began juicing on August 8th of the same year. In 2013 she took part in three juice fasts, overcoming multiple health issues including “migraines, arthritis, high blood pressure…so many medical things that have cleared up since I decided to go raw, and since I’ve been juicing.” (2)

On a trip back to her doctor, Kimberly explains what her doctor said in reference to her heart murmur: “He said, ‘What heart murmur?’ He says, ‘Your heart is perfectly normal.’ And he said, ‘I don’t know what you’re doing, but it’s working.'”(1)

Kimberly was able to go off all of her medications; even the ones that her doctors told her she would be on for the rest of her life. Her message is very clear. Kimberly knows that this diet is capable of curing many issues, and that anyone who is struggling with their health should not lose hope that they will get better: “I want you to have hope, above all, hope. And hope against what anybody tells you and don’t accept what they say…you are in control. You can control and determine what your outcome is.” (1)

Juicing with Raw Fruits and Vegetables Has Been A Helpful Option for Kimberly as She Continues On Her Journey

Kimberly also expressed how happy she is with her weight loss, which was also a large factor in getting back on the road to health. Over an eleven month period between the raw food diet and juicing, Kimberly lost one hundred pounds, and went from a size twenty-eight, to a size eighteen.(2)

In December of 2013, Kimberly was still keeping up with her juicing regime, and received news from her doctor that her heart had zero signs of heart a murmur; it remained completely healthy.(4) Since adopting the raw food lifestyle, Kimberly has continued to get healthier. She offers the advice that although the diet may seem tough at first, “Please just give yourself a shot, have a little faith and we will get there together.” (2)

With a lot of determination, and a strong faith in the raw foods diet, Kimberly has surpassed all of her doctors expectations and then some. With a healthy heart and a literal weight lifted off of her shoulders, Kimberly can enjoy being active, spend time with her daughters, and continue to feel good about herself.

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