Why Home Birth? Inspiring testimonial and what changed everything for them

Lynn Griffith
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Home birth, hospital birth, unassisted birth, midwife, doula or doctor are all questions that pregnant parents begin to ask themselves when considering their birth experience.  This journey was no different for actress, model, and retired professional wrestler, Stacy Keibler.  She and her husband, Jared Probe, gave birth to their daughter, Ava Grace Probe, in August 2014. (1)

Keibler reports The Business of Being Born changed everything for their family

Keibler recently opened up about her own home birth experience and the decision making process she and her husband went through.  Keibler and Probe were first time parents, not really knowing what to expect our of the labor and delivery process.(2)

In preparation for this experience, she and her husband watched 2008 documentary, The Business of Being Born.  Keibler reported that watching this documentary “changed everything” for her and her husband. (2,3)

Keibler wrote in a blog post that she learned about the unnecessary protocols that are in place for mother and baby during a hospital birth.  After watching the film, she and her husband desired to educate themselves and completed concurrent care with an OB-gyn and midwife. (3)

Keibler’s birth mantra, “Ava’s a warrior.  I’m a warrior,” helped both mom and daughter fight through 19 hours of labor!

She reports,  “I concluded that there was no doubt that I wanted to have a home birth with no medication. My husband and family totally agreed. I was so grateful to be able to experience labor in this way, in the comfort of my own home.  It was calming, private and uninterrupted, which made for an incredible bonding experience for all three of us. It was by far the best decision I could have made.” (3)

Their daughter Ava was born after estimated due date and following 19 hours of labor.  Keibler reported that it “felt like we went to war together.”  The birthing mantra that pushed them through was, “Ava’s a warrior. I’m a warrior.” (2)

Keibler recommends that whether you’re a first time mom or a fifth time mom, follow your heart, and reminds mothers that it’s never too late to change your mind on you future birth. (2)

If you haven’t seen The Business of Being Born, it is currently being offered through on-demand viewing on the documentary website. (3)

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