Achieving Excellence in Life and Writing with the < strike > HTML Tag

Matthew Monarch
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Many years ago, I had a job helping sell stuff on eBay and the boss asked if I knew my “HTMLs.” I proudly said heck yes! “yup.” But the real answer is “kinda, yeah.” I don’t care to know it all, and certainly don’t need to. However, if you want to learn HTML, a great process is to study one tag at a time from an example. Learning only takes a few minutes. We often really only need to understand basic tags and CSS generally handles the rest. So, when you find yourself without a WYSIWYG, start opening some angle brackets (just make sure to close them, unless you are feeling exceptionally rebellious). <<<<<

What is strike in HTML?

Bold and italics (a.k.a. strong and emphasis) aren’t the only ways to add spice.  I think the strike HTML tag is under used. Strike is a basic tag that puts emphasis into your document.

Alright. Here is the long awaited strike-through example, which demonstrates a possible overuse of the “strike” HTML tag to hopefully bring things back into balance 🙂

My life is good great excellent.

My kids are sometimes grumpy happy, healthy and fun, and I am a good great excellent dad.

My health is good great excellent.

My new love relationship is distracting exciting and fun, and it makes me feel good great excellent to be a part of it.

My family and friend and acquaintance and stranger relationships are good great excellent and realistic.

My daily money flow is good great excellent.

All other aspects of my life that are important to me are good great excellent.

All of the achieved awesomeness above can sometimes have rarely has annoying or scary aspects to them. Despite Because of that, life is good great excellent. The contrast helps me to expand and grow, and it’s fun to expand and grow.

Learn more about the strike tag at this page, plus other HTML basics.


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