Vitamin D3 in conjuction with Vitamin K2 could reverse coronary heart disease

Lynn Griffith
Vitamin D3 in conjuction with Vitamin K2 could reverse coronary heart disease
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According to top Vitamin K researcher, Dr. Cees Vermeer, nearly everyone is deficient in Vitamin K, not just Vitamin D.  It is believed that Vitamin K deficiency could be behind the growing number of cardiovascular health incidents in the world. (1)

When the soft tissues within the body are damaged they become inflamed altering the body’s system that they need assistance.  The assistance that they get is a deposit of calcium into the damaged tissue.  When this happens within the blood vessels, this becomes the underlying reason for coronary artery disease or plaque buildup that leads to heart attack. (1)

Vitamin D and Vitamin K work together to increase Matrix GLA Protein (MGP) that protects the blood vessels from calcification.  In healthy arteries, this protein congregates around the arterial lining and guards against calcification.  According to Dr. Cees Vermeer, without this protein the arteries have no way to protect themselves from calcium buildup.  Dr. Vermeer reports that non-supplementing healthy adults are insufficient in Vitamin K with 30 percent of their MGP being synthesized in an inactive form. (1)

Studies show life saving effects of Vitamin K2

The 2004 Rotterdam study was the first study that demonstrated life saving effects of Vitamin K2.  Those that had the highest intake of Vitamin K2 had a 50 percent lower risk of death from heart disease. (2)   In the Prospect study, 16,000 people were followed for 10 years where researchers found that just 10mcg added to their diet resulted in fewer cardiac events.(3)  Studies with animals show that Vitamin K2 prevented hardening of the arteries and reversed calcification of calcified arteries. (1)

For years, calcium supplement and milk campaigns reported the importance of calcium intake.  What these campaigns did not tell people is the importance of Vitamin K in association with Vitamin D in order to process the calcium.  If you take calcium but no Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 you may actually be worse off than if you took no supplements at all.  A recent analysis study completed linked calcium supplements to heart attacks.  The study did not report that calcium causes heart attacks but that other vital players such as Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 were not in balance with calcium intake, causing adverse affects. (4)

Study shows Vitamin D intake improved survival in heart failure patients

If you have been taking calcium without Vitamin D3 or K2 in proportion or you have a family history or current history of heart disease, no worries.  A study from the Netherlands provides evidence that high Vitamin D intake improved survival in heart failure patients.  It appears that by taking Vitamin D3 and K2 supplements in necessary dosages that you can reverse calcification and even reverse heart failure. (1)

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