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English team becomes 1st vegan soccer club!

Lynn Griffith
English team becomes 1st vegan soccer club!
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The World Health Organization (WHO)  has recently placed meat lovers in a position where they now knowingly risk their health if they continue to eat meat.  This past week, the WHO reported that processed meats such as bacon and sausage cause cancer; and red meats such as beef, pork, veal and lamb are probably carcinogenic. (1)

Processed meats recently reported to cause cancer and red meat was reported to probably be carcinogenic!

For a British soccer club, this was good news as they had removed meat from their menu in 2011.  On October 31, 2015, the Forest Green Rovers decided that they would eliminate dairy products and fish to become the first vegan soccer club.(2)

They not only removed meat from their players and staff diets, but they also stopped serving meat in the concession stands to their fans.  Their goal is to introduce their fans to the world of veganism.(2)

British Soccer Club hopes to introduce fans to veganism!

In discussing this transition, the club’s owner, Dale Vince, reports, “The gap between vegetarian and vegan food is actually quite small; it’s a step rather than a leap to take. A lot of our food has been vegan for some time now, and this season we’ve taken the last small step.”(2)

Vince has not only made a difference at the soccer club, but also owns a company, Ecotricity, that is worth $154 million and has helped transform the area.  The club now has an organic field and collects water under the pitch to use for irrigation purposes.  The buildings have recycled carpet and are decorated with organic paint.(2)

The club has an organic field, collects water for irrigation purposes, carpets the buildings in recycled carpet, decorates with organic paint, has a vegan concession stand and serves vegan beer!

Instead of meat pies, the Rovers have partnered with Quorn to serve sweet potato burgers, fajitas and pizza that are all vegan.  If you’d like a drink, they serve vegan beer and cider.(2)

While some people have made decisions to change their lifestyles due to the WHO’s warning, not everyone took it seriously.  The North American Meat Institute reported that the “cancer condemnation defies both common sense and numerous studies showing no correlation between meat and cancer.” (3)

The National Cattleman’s Beef Association reported that cancer is too complex to blame on one cause such as meat. (3)

While we cannot force other people to change, we can encourage and teach about options of change.  While some people will not go vegan overnight, they may be willing to make small changes that improve their health and lead them further from meat and animal products.

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