Vegan population has doubled since 2009, Study Reports

Lynn Griffith
Vegan population has doubled since 2009, Study Reports
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According to a new Harris Interactive Study, Meatless Monday campaigns have encouraged American’s to cut back on meat.  In order to gain a better understanding of exactly how often American’s were eating vegetarian meals, Harris Interactive completed a national telephone poll. (1)

Over 100 million people, who are not vegetarians, in the U.S. are eating vegetarian meals

Seventeen percent of Americans reported that they “don’t eat meat, fish, seafood, or poultry at many of my meals (but less than half the time.”  Sixteen percent reported they don’t eat these foods at more than half of their meals (but not all the time).  The study concluded that 1/3 or 33 percent of the country are eating vegetarian meals a substantial amount of the time (in addition to vegetarians)!  (1)This means that over 100 million people, who are not vegetarians, in the United states are eating vegetarian meals! (2)

A 2008, Vegetarian Resource Group national telephone survey concluded that 40 percent of those surveyed would order a dish without meat, fish, or fowl when eating out. It appears that 34 percent of the American population who are not vegetarians are becoming more interested in vegetarian cuisine. (1)

The study concluded that political party preference did not differ in this survey and reported that six percent of democrats and republicans reported that they did not eat meat, fish, seafood, or poultry at least one meal per week. (1)

Vegan population has doubled since 2009!

According to this study the number of vegans in the United States has doubled since 2009.  In 2009, only 2.5 percent of the population reported that they were vegan.  Currently 7.5 million United States citizens are now eating vegan diets that do not include animal products.  Approximately 16 million people reported that they are vegetarian and never eat meat, poultry or fish.  If these statistics continue to rise in 2015, 10 percent of the United States population will be vegan!  In 2019, 40 percent of the population could be vegan and 80 percent of the population could be vegan in 2050! (2)

What we eat could change the world!

This would change the American economy and the farming industry.  This could end the exploitation and suffering of billions of farmed animals. (2)

Some think that rising interest could be related to the number of celebrities that have announced their vegan diets.  Another reason could be the number of studies linking the vegan lifestyle to improved heart health and lower rates of obesity and diabetes.  Environmental activists have also continued to spread the positive effect that veganism has on the environment.  (3)

If you haven’t already, try cutting meat and/or animal products out of some of your meal plans.  “Just try it! Everybody’s doing it!”

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