Vegan doctor sells his clinic, purchases an organic farm-based practice

Heather Suhr
Vegan doctor sells his clinic, purchases an organic farm-based practice
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“First, do no harm…” is the Hippocratic Oath; one of the oldest binding documents in history, yet many medical profession seem to miss the point. (1) American’s attitudes towards medicine have changed tremendously and there is no doubt that more people are becoming sicker; even doctors claim that drugs and vaccines are the answer. Yet, it comes down to one simple thing and this New Jersey farm-based doctor gets it.

Doctor sells his practice in New York to start a farm-based practice in North New Jersey

Dr. Robert Weiss has taken a better and much simpler route by selling his New York office to purchase a 348-acre farm in Long Valley, NJ. After treating patients for about 25 years, he has finally figured out what makes people healthy. Because of the power of whole foods, a plant-based lifestyle works much more effectively than drugs or surgery. (2)

As reported in NJ.com, Dr. Weiss says, “Plant-based whole foods are the most powerful disease-modifying tools available to practitioners — more powerful than any drugs or surgeries.” (3) He isn’t talking about not getting surgery for a broken bone. Rather he means treating and preventing chronic diseases, which can be done under the foundation of good nutrition.

Dr. Weiss cashed in all of his assets and sold his practice, but still sees patients three days a week in order to pay for the farm. In June 2014, he launched a community-supported agriculture project called Ethos Health, a farm-based practice, in which he promotes a plant-based lifestyle as a board physician. (4)

Launching a community-supported agricultural product

Approximately 90 families have contributed to membership fees and volunteer their time picking out potatoes and weeding while enjoying fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs. (2,3) Dr. Weiss takes it a step further in order to understand how health is directly related to the environment.

“Human health is directly related to the health of the environment, the production of food, and how it is grown,” said Weiss, who earned an undergraduate degree in botany at Rutgers College of Arts in Science in Newark. “I see this farm as an opportunity for me to take everything I’ve done all my life, all the biology and chemistry of plants I have studied, and link them to the human biological system.” (3)

Dr. Weiss is obviously doing the right thing, but admits that his peers do not necessarily agree with his philosophy. He even admits that the plant-based diet is a hard sell for some of his doubters, but the proof lies in the impact on his patients that follow the simple program.

Take Angie Rotella-Suarez for example. She prepared her mother’s meals based on Dr. Weiss’ recommendations of organic, plant-based grains, vegetables, fruits, and water. In as little as two weeks, her mother stopped taking blood pressure medications, lost 40 pounds, and was able to get out of her wheelchair in order to do chores around the house again. The best part is that she regained her energy and sense of purpose in life! (2,3)

After what Dr. Weiss did for her mother, it’s no doubt why Suarez says, “He is the best of what the medical profession has to offer. He is not living in a make-believe world.” (3)

Despite the fact the Dr. Weiss’ peers disagree with his philosophy, his patients seem to think otherwise.

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