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Heather Suhr

If there is a dog that knows how to control the tone of their barks, this is it! Shiba Inu dogs are one of the oldest and smallest dogs of the Japanese native breeds and they have an incredibly active, alert, and attentive personality. (1) These breeds may be stubborn dogs, but they aren’t impossible to train. Be prepared for a chuckle and say awwww…!

Uplifter: Soft Dog (Eng Subtitles) by guettavogel

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Heather Suhr

Heather Suhr is a successful deaf individual who graduated from Purdue University on a golf scholarship with a BA degree in Health and Fitness. She currently lives in Southeastern Wisconsin and stays active through running and weight lifting. She is also a certified NASM personal trainer and is passionate in helping others achieve their fitness and wellness goals. She loves cook healthy plant-based whole foods for herself and others around her.

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