Oldie But Oh So Goodie


This is a few favorite clips from Art Linkletter’s Kids Say the Darndest Things show, back in the 40s.  I would say it earned its name!  Why don’t they make shows like this anymore?

Uplifter: Kids Say the Darndest Things - ART LINKLETTER by tmtariq123


Alara Tiernan is the Editor for the Raw Food World News.  After surviving a horrific chronic illness, Alara spent 12 years as a 100% raw foodist.  She discovered her penchant for writing while editing Raw Spirit and Raw Success by Matt Monarch.  Following that, Alara spent 6 years as Product Specialist and Customer Care Manager of The Raw Food World online store. Currently, she is in school working toward her degree in Interpersonal Communication.  When she isn't cuddling her man or her tabby, she is out playing beach volleyball or dreaming up ways to inspire people to love one another.

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