Giggle Water and Other 1920s Slang

Heather Suhr

It’s absolutely vital for you to know one’s onions so you can avoid becoming a dew dropper and get spifflicated all day long. Get out there and do something productive so you can make some clams.

In the meantime, avoid grabbing any giggle water, consider a raw food diet, and you’ll be ducky. America’s #1 raw foodist, Matt Monarch is the cat’s meow and has got the knowledge so you can avoid the early big sleep. Join in his Live Hangout on Tuesday nights and I’ll guarantee you’ll never hear him say, “Ohhh…applesauce!”

Oh, the joy of the 1920s slang…watch the video and you’ll understand. After you do, comment below with your own sayings…

Uplifter: 1920s Slang That Needs To Make A Comeback by BuzzFeedVideo

Heather Suhr

Heather Suhr is a successful deaf individual who graduated from Purdue University on a golf scholarship with a BA degree in Health and Fitness. She currently lives in Southeastern Wisconsin and stays active through running and weight lifting. She is also a certified NASM personal trainer and is passionate in helping others achieve their fitness and wellness goals. She loves cook healthy plant-based whole foods for herself and others around her.

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