He Fell, But Wouldn’t Stay Down

Heather Suhr

Imagine after a serious car accident your legs get crushed and doctors tell you that you’d never be able to walk again. This young man, Steve Judge, wouldn’t take no for an answer and established hard goals for himself. Through persistence, a lot of falls, and faithfully taking of care of himself despite restrictions, Steve proved that all things are possible!

*Please note: during the first 30 seconds, some of the photos of Steve’s injuries are quite graphic.  If you can stomach it, the pics certainly help to illustrate how far this man came in recovery and the challenges he faced.

Uplifter: My Inspirational Journey by Steve Judge

Heather Suhr

Heather Suhr is a successful deaf individual who graduated from Purdue University on a golf scholarship with a BA degree in Health and Fitness. She currently lives in Southeastern Wisconsin and stays active through running and weight lifting. She is also a certified NASM personal trainer and is passionate in helping others achieve their fitness and wellness goals. She loves cook healthy plant-based whole foods for herself and others around her.

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