Top reasons why you should include high intensity interval training in your workout routine.

Heather Suhr
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High intensity interval training (HIIT) has gained more popularity over the years. Many studies have shown that HIIT can provide many health benefits. It is a form of training lasting for only about 20 to 30 minutes of your work out time. The whole workout includes a warm up, several sets of high bursts followed by low intensity exercises, and then a cool down. (1)

HIIT is good for those with limited amounts of time.

We are very busy people and a lot of times it’s hard to find time to get a good workout in. Some of us are looking to maximize our workout sessions in the shortest amount of time, but still want to reap optimal benefits. High intensity interval training is a great way to do that! Although it takes a lot of work to put out, but there are many benefits with that.

HIIT only takes about 20 minutes of your workout time and it is recommended that you do it no more than three times a week. Give yourself three days a week with rest days in between and you’ll reap the benefits. (2)

The basic protocol is alternating high intensity of 20 to 60 seconds of near maximum bursts followed by a 10 to 75 seconds of lower intensity recovery period. Then you cycle through it again, going through 6 to 8 sets. (2)

HIIT is good for weight loss.

Regular aerobic training is vital for our daily lifestyle and it should be included on most days.  However, when people are looking to change physique or need to factor in time of workouts, this may be the way to go. This is another reason why HIIT is popular because it promotes weight loss very efficiently in the shortest amount of time compared to low intensity training. (3)

HIIT maximizes the calories burned during a workout.

Dr. Joseph Mercola says that 90-98% of the people who do exercise are not incorporating more high intensity trainings in their routines. He further explains that you can gain much many more benefits by simply including this a few times a week, which will provide profound benefits. (4)

Your body was built for this type of training.

Dr. Dough McGuff tells us that high-intensity activities have always been a part of our genotype.

He states, “…the issue isn’t necessarily the running for hours and hours. It’s the modality itself. You will never, in nature, see an animal jogging… What the steady-state activity does is it trains the plasticity out of your physiologic system – that ability to handle widely varying levels of exertion within a short span of time gets trained away. You actually make yourself less plastic and less adaptable to physical stress in general.” (5)

So, basically HIIT provides all the cardiovascular benefits, within a short amount of time, and you are designed to incorporate it into your daily lives.

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