Top 4 reasons you can lose more weight on a plant-based diet

Nadine Watters
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Have you heard the latest news about plant-based diets? They are super-powerful for weight loss. In fact, it’s becoming clear that it is the absolute best nutritional plan for getting rid of extra pounds! There are tremendous health benefits as well, but today let’s focus on the weight loss factor.

Following are the top 4 reasons a plant-based diet is the best route for steady, healthy weight loss.

1) Because science backs it up

A 2014 comparative study by the University of South Carolina randomly assigned participants on five different plans: (1)

  • vegan
  • semi-vegetarian
  • pesco-vegetarian
  • vegetarian
  • omnivorous

The results were clear: The team monitored selected participants for six months and reported that those on a plant-based, vegan diet lost more weight than the other two groups by 16.5 pounds.

Even better news: you can get rid of your carb-o-phobia, because the results were just as impressive even with carbohydrates! (2)

2) Because a fiber-rich diet is proven to induce weight loss

Studies are demonstrating that the most beneficial nutrient for losing weight is natural fiber from – you guessed it – plants! In addition, it appears to have the most long-term and healthiest weight loss results of all. (3)

Here are some reasons: (3)

  • Fiber fills you up rapidly, which tackles your hunger and satisfies you much faster than sugar and processed foods.
  • Fiber from fruits and vegetables contain fewer calories, and fill you up just as well. It has zero digestible calories, therefore, carbohydrates from fiber will not be stored as excess calories.
  • A study documented in Scientific American from Harvard Health demonstrated that people who consumed the most fiber from whole plant-based foods lost more weight and kept it off than those who ate processed sources of fiber. (3, 4)

3) Because consuming nutrient dense foods accelerates weight loss

If you are eating foods high in nutrients – and a plant-based diet is chock-full of them – you are on the right track for maximizing your weight loss efforts (5).
Nutrient dense foods give you the most nutrients, satiety, and fewer calories. (5, 6)

For example, if you are trying to lose weight by cutting calories on the Standard American Diet (SAD), the food restriction typically leads to a cycle of feeling hungry and deprived. To keep those problems at bay, you can fill up with far more plant-based nutrient-dense foods, and not pay for it with excess calories.

4) Because a plant-based diet contains a lot of water

Following a plant-based diet means you are getting plenty of water, since plant-based foods contain a lot of it, and this leads to reaching satiety faster than you would with refined, processed foods.

Because fruits and vegetables are made up of mostly water, you can feel content and devoid of hunger, without piling on the calories. Therefore, you can eat a higher volume of the plant-based, water-filled foods – which will put you on the fast-track for weight loss. (7)

Give it a try

If you are sick and tired of counting calories, if you have become terrified of carbs, if you are sick of trying to follow complicated meal plans, if you are sick of dieting with powdered packets of fake food – then you are in for a real treat if you decide to choose a plant-based nutritional plan to shed those stubborn excess pounds.

Give it a try, and have some fun with it! There are loads of terrific recipes that can be found on in the recipe section here – go check it out, and then prepare to be amazed as the pounds melt off of you – without the side-effects of hunger and deprivation!

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