Top 10 Health Benefits of Eating Raw Cucumber

Top 10 Health Benefits of Eating Raw Cucumber
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I love cucumbers. Sure, they may seem like just a typical (*yawn*) food that pales in comparison next to more exotic foods like mangoes and the ever hip and healthy kale. However, I’m hoping to break that stereotype! They’re anything but boring.

They’re much more than just a way to add crunch to a salad. From losing weight to detoxing or helping improve blood pressure, cucumbers are a star in my book.

Top 10 health benefits of eating cucumbers

1. Detox

Every once in a while it’s a great feeling to get in detox mode, resetting and supercharging the body. As you’ll see below, cucumbers are full of vitamins and compounds that give the entire body a boost, making it an ideal food to include as part of a detox. I’m a fan of the Detoxer’s Dream, which can be made in just two minutes. Yum!

2. Energy-booster

Put down that second cup of coffee. If you’re like me and tend to feel drained at one point during the day, eat some cucumber slices! They contain vitamin B, known to provide energy.(1) Who knew?

3. Weight loss

If you need to lose some weight, cucumbers are a must. They’re about 97 percent water, have fiber, and just 3/4 of a cup has approximately 11 calories.(2) Both water and fiber help create a feeling of fullness, so for those days when I’m feeling like I need to lose a couple of pounds to maintain my weight, they’re perfect. Heck, even if you’ve got a ways to go in the weight loss department, they’re perfect.

4. Hydration

Dehydration isn’t good for the body at all. According to the Mayo Clinic, not getting enough water can cause headaches and dry skin and in more serious cases, lead to unconsciousness, the inability to produce tears while crying, low blood pressure and a rapid heartbeat.(3) Not fun, right? Stay healthy with cucumbers. Their high water content plays a role in helping to stay hydrated. It’s always smart to drink water of course, but for times when you’re just not in the mood to down another glass, cucumbers can keep you from missing out.

5. Cancer fighter

Cucumbers contain three types of lignans, healthy chemical compounds, that have been shown to help combat cancers such as prostate, breast and uterine.(1) They’re also rich in vitamin C, when is known to fight those pesky free radicals which also fight cancer.(4)

6. Better bone, tissue and blood health

Keep the peel on to reap the rewards of this benefit. Just make super sure you’re choosing organic cucumbers, which I recommend anyway. The peel of a cucumber is high in vitamin K, which helps prevent blood clotting, promotes tissue health, and works to build stronger bones.(4) Better tissue health translates to improved joint health, making them good for fighting joint-related problems like arthritis.(1)

7. Lowers blood pressure

When I think of potassium, the first thing that comes to mind are bananas, and perhaps more recently, coconut water (Amazon affiliate link). But guess what? Cucumbers contain potassium too, which is known to maintain and improve blood pressure levels.(4)

8. Better heart health

Cucumbers help regulate electrolytes (thanks again to potassium), a very important component of keeping the heart’s electrical activity on track.(4)

9. Improved eye health

The skin of a cucumber peel contains beta-carotene, which has been shown time and again to be beneficial when in comes to boosting eye health. Keep that pesticide-free skin on!

10. Great in tons of recipes

How does a recipe help health? Well, first off, assuming the recipe is a healthy one, it’s going to contribute to overall health.

Plus, we’ve all read things about links between mood and improved health, and who doesn’t feel good when they try a new, mouthwatering recipe? Personally, I’m a fan of the very tasty anti-inflammatory summer soup that includes cucumbers, as well as a Rise ‘n Shine juice that really gets my day started with some serious get-up-and-go!

So, if you’ve ever doubted cucumbers’ health benefits, I hope this helps. They taste good, are a refreshing element in many meals and do wonders for keeping health on track.

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