The Largest Raw Food Festival of the Year!

Matthew Monarch
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Hey Everyone!  I’m going to be a Keynote Speaker at the Pure Living Expo in July, which is the largest Raw Food Festival of the year in the United States! 

Laura Fox, the creator of the Pure Living Expo, has been pulling my arm to get me to come out to the States just for this event for some time now.  I agreed to be there for this event only.  If Angela’s Visa Green Card processing happens fast enough, she and Oria will also be joining me! 

I have a 25% off coupon code that you can use to buy your admission tickets for this event.  This offer isn’t available anywhere else.  I told Laura that I will forgo any affiliate commissions for this event and she hooked me up with this super 25% off for my readers instead.  This coupon expires June 1st.  Use the coupon ‘mattsgift25’ for 25% off your order at the link below. 

People are always asking me things like: How do I get started in this industry, how do I meet like-minded people, or how can I date a person interested in the same things as me?  When I first jumped into a 100% Raw Foods Diet, the first thing I did was type “Raw Food” on Google and started from there.  I then learned about the biggest Raw Food Festival of the year at that time and went.  I met all sorts of people and I started to dabble in Raw Food Business right then.  Everything started to snowball from there…! 

Well, 18 years later, this is the go-to Raw Food Festival and it only happens once a year!

If you are interested in attending the Pure Living Expo, click the link below:


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