Vitamin B12 Deficiency Part 2
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Hey Everyone!


Yesterday we sent out part one of our in depth B12 article, this vitamin often overlooked by many is one of the most important vitamins your body cant do without. We gave you an abundance of well-researched information to motivate you to make some quick, easy, and positive changes in regards to any health concerns you may be experiencing as a result of B12 deficiency, we included the symptoms so you could be better informed, and so that you can make better informed choices.


Vitamin B12 is super important in your health arsenal to avoid many of the serious side effects that B12 deficiency can produce, and to prevent any future complications as result of short, or long term deficiency. Some of these complications take a long time to manifest and prevention is better than cure! A few of these symptoms like neurological damage can become irreversible.

The health benefits of B-12 are enormous and far-reaching: From the neurological system to looking and feeling our best, B-12 is our body’s most significant assistant and most valuable allay. B12 controls your body's ability to produce red blood cells, synthesizes DNA, and hugely impacts your neurological functioning. We strongly recommend reading the first article if you missed it!


Today we are releasing part two, we discuss in-depth, the best, safest, and most readily assimilated forms of B-12 and how to recognize and avoid the inferior forms of B12 being peddled on the market. Part two has some scientific explanations, but we tried make it accessible to all.


There are a few things you should know however, before rushing out to buy a supplement. They are not all created equal! And of course, we recommend the Living Nutritionals B12 patch, after all it’s been a best seller across many platforms for the last 6 years and several counterfeit versions has hit the market because of its popularity. Always buy from a trusted source.