Update on Matt
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Greetings from The Raw Food Family!

As you know Matt has been the Raw Food pioneer promoting perfect health for 22 years now providing you with amazing information and products. This has been an incredible journey that The Raw Food World is proud to continue.

Recently many of you have been awaiting an update on Matt’s health for the last few weeks. We are happy to let you know the problem has been identified as a auto-immune disease that has been known about since his childhood. This was aggravated by a new rigorous exercise routine that Matt had begun.

Matt has decided to make to take his time getting his health fully up to optimal levels so that he can get back to sharing awesome content with you on a regular basis. In the mean time he will be taking an indefinite break from any content creation.

Rest assured that we will be providing you with the same quality informative newsletters and the best sales we can provide during this time. Thank you so much for the support and stay tuned for some exciting updates!