🤫Sweet Tooth Thursday
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Hey Everyone!

Yes!!! Berkley premium chocolate bars and more back in stock now!!! These chocolate bars need no introduction, they literally fly themselves off our shelves. This is a brand new batch, don’t be the unlucky one that tries to get them after they are all gone! … you snooze you loose!


Indulge yourself!

Salted Caramel Bar 2oz box of 2

81% Dark Chocolate filled with sumptuous whipped cashew butter caramel & flakes of Bali Pyramid Salt. Sweetened with coconut tree flower nectar & Peruvian low glycemic yacon syrup.

Almond Butter Bar 2oz box of 2

Our version of a peanut butter cup is way more delicious! Creamy stone ground almond butter made sweet and salty with coconut sugar and Himalayan crystal salt. Covered by the finest 81% dark chocolate.

Superberry Bar 2oz box of 2

Imagine biting into a sweet & antioxidant-rich berry core surrounded by the finest dark chocolate. Get a delicious blast of acai, raspberry & pomegranate! Truly a once in a lifetime experience and an indulgence to feel great about.


Berkeley Bar 2oz box of 2

https://www.coracaoconfections.com/products/berkeley-bar-2-pack A chewy, sweet & delicious adaptogenic maca & lucuma nougat. Then a layer of whipped cashew butter caramel with crunchy, salty almonds. All of it drenched in our delicious 81% dark chocolate.



& 12 hours left (if not sold out) Bariani Olive Oil...



Castor Oil 16 oz
MSM Flake 160z
MSM 250 Caps
MSM Lotion (coconut rose) 8oz
MSM Lotion (pure & natural) 8oz
Aloe Gel 4oz


He Shou Wu Extract Powder (50gr)
Beautiful Hair
Chaga Powder (50gr)

PLUS At Cost August Specials