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Hey Everyone!

We are excited to provide you with a brand new, “NON-RAW CBD” option! 


You might be saying:


Yes, we have found yet another great new tested and verified product. We just had to offer it to you right away.

In this exclusive launch of our new product, we want to celebrate with you, our valued clients, and show you our appreciation. We couldn’t think of a better way to do it than to offer huge discounts on our entire CBD range, including our newest additions!




Our top selling 100% RAW organically grown and processed CBD oil has been a best seller for 5 years now. Can you believe it?  As you, our regular readers might remember we have been through many ups and downs with even being able to sell this product! From our site being shut down, to payment providers refusing to complete any transactions if we continued to sell CBD, to insurance companies refusing to insure us, and so much more … We formed a collaboration with the long time manufacturer of our CBD oil, Living Nutritionals to continue providing it to you on their website.


Our 100% RAW CBD oil is a bit pricey for some, and others with a selective palette might find the taste too strong, or too herby for their tastes. We like it, and are fine with our plant medicine tasting like that! However, we started doing our Mint flavored 500mg 100% pure, organic and RAW CBD oil about a year ago and everybody loved that too. What you didn’t know is that we secretly started researching a couple months back into a non-RAW CBD oil that we could present to our customers as well. This was more difficult than you can imagine... there are a lot of good looking, low quality products out there. After much digging we finally found the ONE- uncompromising quality, superb value, and great new flavors too!


This new non-RAW range has independent third party laboratory testing on every batch of every product that is clearly visible, something we will be adding to our next batch of RAW CBD oil.

For the last 6 months we have directed all your CBD inquiries and sales into the capable and caring hands of our friends at Living Nutritionals, and we will continue to do so. Without further delay, here is this exciting new CBD offer and our massive sales event!!!


Click below to enjoy the best of both worlds! RAW CBD oil and non-RAW CBD oil Massive sale!


August At-Cost Specials: (These are all over 15% off)