Happy Hemp 4th of July – Tongue in Cheek edition !!!
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Happy Hemp 4th of July - Tongue in Cheek edition !!!

For 'At-Cost' specials, use the coupon code ‘RAWFOOD18’ click here **please be advised all sales below are through our collaborative partnership with LivingNutritionals.com

-> We have been on quite a rollercoaster ride with CBD Oil. We have NEVER seen anything like the overwhelming emotional response we have had to our CBD Oil's effects on so many lives. Recently we brought it back - only for it to sell out of stock within just a few days.

 We thought the drama was over after changing its name to Fortified Hemp Oil. After the chaos with our payment processor shutting us down. But the craziness continues ...

3 Days ago we were informed that if we sell any “Fortified Hemp Oil” CBD,  our workman's comp would not insure us any more. We searched for a new one but the pricing due to the “risk” of us selling this product would increase our monthly payments x5.  What can we do?

It’s the Wild West out there as far as CBD products and market is concerned and this opens the door too many fake and counterfeit products on the market... all our GMO-Free CBD / Fortified Hemp Oil is third party lab verified!!!

Hearing all of the incredible testimonials from you we couldn't just stop providing these fantastic benefits. So we have partnered up with Living Nutritionals to continue providing CBD - but only through their web site. To celebrate the effort to deliver this wonder product to you, Living Nutritionals discounted the original price and for the next 5 days will allow a further discount using ‘RAWFOOD18’ for another 18% off of CBD!

100% Raw CBD Oil 1000mg 1oz

Original price: $218.00 Discounted to: $150.00 With Additional Coupon Code: ‘RAWFOOD18' You Save A total of: $95.00


100% Raw CBD Oil 500mg 1 oz with Peppermint

Original price: $115.00 Discounted too: $80.00 With Additional Coupon Code: ‘RAWFOOD18' You Save: $49.40


100% Raw CBD Oil 250mg 1oz

Original price: $52.00 Discounted too: $48.00 With Additional Coupon Code: ‘RAWFOOD18' You Save: $12.64


CBD Oil for Animals

Original price: $31.00 Discounted too: $28.00 With Additional Coupon Code: ‘RAWFOOD18' You Save: $8.04


The Raw Food World has received many testimonials DAILY telling us how special our product is compared to other more expensive "elite brands" out there, one person even used the animal one with great results, 🙂 we don't recommend that, but can't stop you if you try! Rather than stop selling it completely, we are working with Living Nutritionals to bring you the exact same product we have been providing to you for the past 4 years!
We cannot make any medical claims about CBD Oil and its benefits, but our customers won't stop writing in letting us know about their remarkable experiences - from Pain Relief, help with dementia, epilepsy, insomnia, anxiety, helping with their pets, and so so much more!

Amazing Customer Testimonials


    "CBD oil has taken away almost all my Arthritis pain. Also, I had a thing growing inside my ear. Applied Dragons Blood for a month and it's gone. Thank you, Matt for supplying these wonderful products!" ~ Jacquelyn Mosby
    "Thank you so much..I really am benefiting from the CBD oil as a 78 year old with multiple broken bones from horses and a few old age related auto immune problems like thyroid, polymyalgia rheumatica, high blood sugar...ha...and a few others. I refuse to take any more chemicals than I have to. Thank you for making the CBD available. (I'm just learning about this)." ~ Barbara
    "Dear Matt, I wanted to add my testimonial of my own experience with your CBD oil. At 69, I have had to have a few tooth extractions and dental implants. I have used a couple of herbal remedies before and after since I don't use over the counter remedies or prescription drugs and I usually get through the novocain wearing off with some mild discomfort until I can fall asleep. This time I added the 250 mg of CBD oil right after the procedure and when the novocain wore off there was absolutely no throbbing or discomfort. It was like I never had the procedure. Thank you for carrying this great product." ~ JoAnne Rando-Moon
    "I gave this to a friend who has been in a wheelchair for months after having surgery on the cartilage on her knees. After experimenting a bit and finding the dose that worked for her she was walking at the grocery store to pick out her food! Her children were worried that something was wrong when they saw the pictures of her walking unassisted. She pushed a little too hard that day from being so excited to walk without pain that she had to stay in the chair for the next day but she has been taking the oil consistently now and is building up her muscle strength to begin walking again." ~ JD
    "I ordered the 250mg CBD oil for my 19 year old daughter who suffers from chronic pain and crippling anxiety. She noticed a change almost immediately and the second night came out of her room and said "That was the best sleep I've had in years!" I asked her what was different, she said no pain, no anxiety. SO GRATEFUL! Thank you! I'll update after a month but had to send this in." ~ Anna Brown
    "My pain and anxiety have decreased by more than 50% since I first started using just the 250mg CBD oil. I've been able to cut my opoids painkillers down to hardly nothing. Good going! Kind regards" ~ TJ Williams
    "My dad has a rare form of dementia and he has been using your CBD oil. He has improved miraculously. It has been amazing to watch. However, what you are saying Matt is right on. My mother still lets him eat JUNK! Imagine what would happen if he was eating clean." ~ AH


We look forward to more responses like these and are so honored to continue to be able to provide you with the highest quality products for improving your wellness!

Many Blessings and Happy 4th of July to you from The Raw Food World Thank you for continuing to let us serve you. 
We wish you and those you love, the very best of everything!