48 Hour FLASH Sale on Medjool Dates!
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These are the juiciest dates EVER!

We are running a 48hour FLASH Sale on our fresh, soft, wet Dates direct from the California Farmers' Market. This flash sale cannot be extended so please don’t miss out.

This is not the typical rock hard Dates that you usually find available at Whole Foods or other health food stores. These fresh Farmers' Market Dates are divinely soft, moist and melt right in your mouth. The farmers hand-picked their finest Dates for us. Dates do not get fresher than this.

These Dates are literally the best raw food sweetener available. I use Dates in a lot of my personal recipes, including my Raw Barbecue Sauce, Cheesecakes, Ice Cream, and so on. All the other sweeteners on the market such as Coconut Sugar and Agave are great alternatives to mainstream sweeteners, yet they aren’t nearly as natural and raw as Dates, which are an intact whole food.