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That means you have another 18 hours left to enjoy November and December’s ‘At-Cost’ specials at the same time!

It’s an incredible line-up of specials! Enjoy…

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  • December "At-Cost" Specials - Reishi Spore Oil, Powder, Triterpene Powder, Triterpene Caps, Sunflower Lecithin, Peruvian Pitted Olives (30% Green) w/ Sea Salt, Turkish Figs, Apricot Halves, Austrian Pumpkin Seeds, Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds, Sprouted Sunflower Seeds, Sundried Tomatoes, Jungle Peanuts, Brazil Nuts, Carob Powder, Chia Oil, Creamy Italian Salad Dressing, Greek Goodness Salad Dressing, Laughing Giraffe Snakaroons – Vanilla, Salted Caramel & Chocolate, Vegetable Tempuraw, Herb Flax Crackers, Kale Krackers, Zesty Tomato Flax Crackers, Onion Rings, Nori Bites, Poppadom Chips, Quinoa Crackers, QBC Pendants, ZIMT Chocolate, and much more!
  • November "At-Cost" Specials - Royal Jelly, Chlorella Tablets, Chlorella Powder, Spirulina Tablets, Spirulina Powder, Brazil Nuts, Truly Raw Almonds, Coconut Aminos, Vinegar, Crystals, Thai Coconut Blossom Sugar, Coconut Aminos Dressing, Irish Moss Cleaned, Irish Moss, Raw Crunch Bars, Activated Superfood Nut Blend, Himalayan Salt, Jiaogulan Tea, Castor Oil, MSM Aloe Gel, Quantum Balance Crystal Vortex Cones – All 12 Colors, and much more!

December "At-Cost" Specials:

These Reishi Spore Products are the best priced on the market, lab verified to have more polysaccharides and triterpenoids than the other leading brands, and without a doubt, the most powerful Superfoods in the world, especially for boosting the immune system. There have been countless testimonials from people who have benefited from these products, and many of these testimonials can be seen at the link here.

- Reishi Spore Oil, 1oz - $111.97, Normally $159.95 - Get 3+, $100.77
- Reishi Spore Triterpene Crystals Powder, 50g - $104.98, Normally $149.97 - Get 3+, $94.48
- Reishi Spore Powder, 50g - $52.47, Normally $74.95 - Get 3+, $47.22
- Reishi Spore Triterpene Crystals, 60 400mg caps - $80.47, Normally $114.95 - Get 3+, $72.42
- Reishi Spore Triterpene Crystals, 30 200mg caps (Trial Size) - $25.87, Normally $36.95 - Get 3+, $23.28

This is now my number one favorite product to take daily. In fact, I take 2 teaspoons right before I start eating my lunch and another two teaspoons right before eating my dinner. Lecithin (organic phosphate) is a precursor to the Neurotransmitter Acetylcholine and phospholipids, and the pineal gland contains more lecithin than any other body part. Lecithin has also been shown to be a large component of both male and female sexual fluids, which will be drawn from the human body and probably the pineal gland in order to create these fluids. I feel that it’s critical to replenish lecithin for spiritual and physical purposes…

- Sunflower Lecithin, 8oz (100% Raw & Organic) - $22.93, Normally $32.75 - Get 3+, $20.63

Our olives come from the first organic farm in Peru, located in a coastal desert that has never been exposed to pesticides or toxic fertilizers.

We now have these olives as 30% green and 70% black… instead of just 100% black. The green Peruvian Olives are more mild, a bit less bitter, and they complement the black olives perfectly. I can’t wait for you to try them! I’m munching on them right now with some guacamole, and it’s so much goodness!

Traditionally cured in spring water and sea salt (instead of the bitter chemicals used in modern olive production), these organic olives are lovingly crafted for unparalleled purity and environmental sustainability.

- Peruvian Pitted Olives (30% Green) w/ Sea Salt- 8oz - $9.77, Normally $13.95 - Get 3+, $8.79

Our turkish figs are the best! They are so plump and juicy unlike many of the over dried ones in the health food stores. I actually just ran out here at my house and I bought a substitute and they are not nearly as good. I can’t even really eat them.

We also have our Organic Dried Hunza Apricots, which are such a different experience compared to the typical circular flimsy dried apricots that you get in the health food store. These are more mineral-rich, wild and dense.

- Jumbo Turkish Figs (Sundried & Organic), 16oz - $7.67, Normally $10.95 - Get 3+, $6.90
- Dried Hunza Apricots Halves (Organic, Raw), 16oz - $10.47, Normally $14.95 - Get 3+, $9.42

These are not the lighter pale green pumpkin seeds that you normally get from the health food store. These Austrian pumpkin seeds are dark dark green and mineral rich. The taste of these Austrian Pumpkin seeds are incomparable to the others.

- Austrian Pumpkin Seeds (Organic, Raw) 16oz - $10.47, Normally $14.95 - Get 3+, $9.42

We are once again offering our new organic soaked and sprouted seed products! We have the Pumpkin and Sunflower seeds with salt and without salt. They are the perfect snack to take in the car or when traveling! They are sprouted and then dehydrated under 105 degrees.

- Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds (Organic & Unsalted), 1 lb - $10.47, Normally $14.95 - Get 3+, $9.42
- Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds w/salt (Organic) - 1lb - $10.47, Normally $14.95 - Get 3+, $9.42
- Sprouted Sunflower Seeds w/salt (Organic) - 1lb - $6.97, Normally $9.95 - Get 3+, $6.27
- Sprouted Sunflower Seeds (Organic & Unsalted), 1lb - $6.97, Normally $9.95 - Get 3+, $6.27

Next we have our sun-dried tomatoes ‘At-Cost’. These sun-dried tomatoes are as natural as can be without any salt or preservatives. I’ve been getting questions about when they’ll be back in, because they’ve never had sun dried tomatoes as natural and as good as there.

- Sundried Tomatoes (UNSALTED, Organic), Whole 8oz - $6.29, Normally $8.99 - Get 3+, $5.66

Hands down, these are the best Brazil nuts and Wild Jungle Peanuts in existence. These brazil nuts are so fresh unlike any other brazil nut I’ve ever tasted. Even “raw” brazil nuts are flash toasted most of the time. We have a slow drying technique that leaves the brazil nuts as fresh as can be.

We have local families growing these wild jungle peanuts right in the heart of the jungle.
These jungle peanuts are the size of a real actual peanut and not GMO commercialized to the size of an inch like we see with many other brands. Ours are much smaller, compact, more heirloom and wild compared to the standardized “wild jungle peanuts”.

- Wild Jungle Peanuts [Organic Raw Wild], 16oz - $11.17, Normally $15.95 - Get 3+, $10.05
- Organic Raw Brazil Nuts, 16oz - $17.47, Normally $24.95 - Get 3+, $15.72

This is the best carob powder we’ve found yet! Carob powder is the ideal substitute for cacao powder if you don’t like the stimulation. I continually make low glycemic deserts for my children with carob powder and mesquite powder, as the combination is super sweet tasting, yet super low-glycemic at the same time.

- Carob Powder, 1 LB - $9.77, Normally $13.95 - Get 3+, $8.79

We’ve got ‘Foods Alive’ Chia Seed oil ‘At-Cost’ and negotiated to a much better price. Chia Seed Oil is my favorite oil to use in my salads and other raw food meals, because it is the lightest of them all. It just feels super easy to digest, less dense and it tastes amazing. It contains more than 60% Omega-3 fatty acid- making it one of the richest plant sources found in nature.

- Foods Alive Chia Seed Oil Artisan Cold-Pressed, 16 oz - $16.77, Normally $23.95 - Get 3+, $15.09

Next on the list, we have Food’s Alive Superfood Salad Dressings… For this month we have Italian and Greek Goodness… These are the ideal healthy raw vegan salad dressings, which are filled with omega-3 rich oils such as chia seed and flaxseed oil! Just throw it on your salad and you’re all set!

- Creamy Italian Organic Superfood Dressing, 8oz - $7.69, Normally $10.99 - Get 3+, $6.92
- Greek Goodness Organic Superfood Dressing, 8oz - $7.69, Normally $10.99 - Get 3+, $6.92

This month we are offering the top three flavors of the Laughing Giraffe Snakaroons ‘At-Cost’: Chocolate, Lemon and Salted Caramel. As a word play on “macaroons”, Snakaroons are the best macaroon cookie product I’ve seen in the Raw Foods Movement. They taste amazing and are the perfect healthy nutritious indulgence!

- Chocolate Snakaroons 6oz - $5.59, Normally $7.99 - Get 3+, $5.03
- Vanilla Snakaroons, 6oz - $5.59, Normally $7.99 - Get 3+, $5.03
- Salted Caramel Snakaroons 6oz - $5.59, Normally $7.99 - Get 3+, $5.03

We are offering the top products from Awesome Foods ‘At-Cost’ this month. These products are unique, bringing raw food innovation to its fullest…! For example, who has ever heard of Raw Poppadom Chips, Red Onion Rings, Kale Crackers or Vegetable Tempuraw?! We also have their Flax Crackers and Nori Bites, which are all sooo good. These are perfect for all meal times with guacamole, hummus or nut cheese.

- Vegetable Tempuraw 2.5 ounces - Awesome Foods - $5.59, Normally $7.99 - Get 3+, $5.03
- Kale Krackers 3.8 Ounces - Awesome Foods - $5.59, Normally $7.99 - Get 3+, $5.03
- Zesty Tomato Flax Crackers 4 Ounces - $5.59, Normally $7.99 - Get 3+, $5.03
- Onion Rings 2 Ounces - Awesome Foods - $5.59, Normally $7.99 - Get 3+, $5.03
- Nori Bites 2.6 Ounces - Awesome Foods - $5.59, Normally $7.99 - Get 3+, $5.03
- Poppadom Chips 4 Ounces- Awesome Foods - $5.59, Normally $7.99 - Get 3+, $5.03
- Quinoa Crackers- 4 Ounces - $5.59, Normally $7.99 - Get 3+, $5.03
- Herb Flax Crackers, 4o - $5.59, Normally $7.99 - Get 3+, $5.03

These QBC Pendants are always popular and make great gift items. These Quantum Balance Crystals are made with tiny quartz crystals and millions of nano-scale crystals, which are invisible to the eye, embedded in a high grade res!n. It is said that these Quantum Balance Pendants structure EMF energy into coherent waves, greatly reducing damaging frequencies and interference with cellular and wireless communications.

- QBC Quantum Balance Crystal Pendants - ALL COLORS - $34.97, Normally $49.95 - Get 3+, $31.47

We are offering the ZIMT chocolate products ‘At-Cost’ again! I loaded up big time as these are one of the best tasting raw chocolate on the market!
We also have salted vanilla bean caramel macaroons, which doesn’t have chocolate!

- Double Chocolate Macaroons, 2.89oz - Zimt - $5.59, Normally $7.99 - Get 3+, $5.03
- Salted Vanilla Bean Caramel Macaroons, 2.46oz - Zimt - $5.59, Normally $7.99 - Get 3+, $5.03

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