Stage Three Cancer Was No Match for this Raw Food Dieter

Nadine Watters
Stage Three Cancer Was No Match for this Raw Food Dieter
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When Janette Murray-Wakelin was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer, she had the option of chemotherapy, or she had the option to be brave and take on a whole new lifestyle. Now a successful marathon runner, it’s clear which path Janette decided to take to make the lifestyle changes necessary and get her life back.

Taking on a Raw Food Diet and Juicing Lifestyle Was One of the Best Decisions Janette Made

When first diagnosed with breast cancer, Janette’s reaction was “Why me?” (1) Living most of her life with an active lifestyle and vegetarian diet, it seemed unfair to have this news brought to her. Even though Janette was unsure why it happened, she was definitely not going to let it stop her from living her life.

Janette heard about the Bruce Cancer Cure, which suggested that a forty-two day juice fast was capable of helping those with cancer to regain their health. (1) Janette explains that “The whole idea to the Bruce Cancer Cure is that you’re starving the cancer, but having enough nutrients to keep the body going.” (1)

She began with a few raw foods that were specific to her diagnosis, and after she became healthy Janette started adding other raw foods and vitamins she enjoyed to her juicing regiment. Thirteen years later, Janette is still healthy and happy, and has a lot of great advice for others who may be in the same position.

Janette explains how one of the biggest obstacles she had to get around was “understanding that I was worth it.”

She goes on to explain that, “For most people, they don’t place a high enough value on themselves to think that they’re worth going through all of this – you know, doing all this that they need to do to be healthy and to be happy.”(1) After realizing that it was okay to focus on herself and getting better, Janette was able to embrace this new raw food lifestyle, and concentrate on becoming healthy again.

For each and every individual looking to become healthier, the message is clear: We are all worth it. Each one of us has the ability to adopt a healthier lifestyle and in doing so, be more present for those around us.

Janette’s Raw Food Diet and Positive Attitude Have Her Running Marathons

Janette explains how important it is to put all good nutrients into your body, and the same thing goes for your attitude. She explains, “Being angry or sad or hatred and all of those negative emotions are all acid-forming in the body, so they are going to compromise the body. What we need to be looking for is to be happy and healthy.” (1)

Her approach to life gave her the energy to go out and begin to exercise, going against what medical professionals told her and instead doing what felt right for her body.(1) After becoming cancer free, Janette became so busy spreading the word about the raw food diet, that she decided that running marathons would be a great way to travel and spread the word as she went. (1)

When Janette and her husband moved to Australia, they ran a marathon every day for 366 days all the way around Australia. The trip enabled the couple to spread the knowledge they had about the amazing diet, and guide others towards a more natural lifestyle as well. (2)

The human body is capable of amazing things, especially when it is given the natural nutrients it needs to perform and flourish. Janette was once unsure of her options and confused about her situation. Now, the marathon path is cleared, and Janette sees clearly that the raw food diet is the way to go not only to cure ourselves, but to help the Earth as well.

If you enjoyed this story, be sure to share it with your friends and check out Janette’s books, “Raw Can Cure Cancer”, and “Running Out of Time: Running Raw Around Australia”. Also be sure to check out http://www.therawfoodworld.com/rawveganbooksdvds-c100239 for more great materials on the raw food diet to help you get started.

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