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California confirms that RoundUp will be labeled as cancer causing!

Lynn Griffith
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This past spring thousands of people across the world stood together in a global movement to protest against Monsanto.  Over 400 cities were speaking out against GMOs and Monsanto.  This march included 48 countries and produced a massive global turnout! (1)

Research scientist, Dr. Anthony Samsel, reports that Monsanto has known that glyphosate causes cancer for over 30 years!  In reviewing research studies completed by outside contractors in the 1970s and early 80s, Dr. Samsel found that Monsanto knew in 1981 that glyphosate caused adenomas and carcinomas in rats. (2)

Monsanto has known since 1891 that glyphosate causes cancer!

An estimated one billion pounds of glyphosate is sprayed on crops each year, resulting in an average American consuming several hundred pounds of food contaminated by glyphosate per annual. (2)

California has decided to fight back.  Lawmakers delivered a blow to Monsanto when they announced that according to the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, they will be listing glyphosate and RoundUp as cancer causing! (3)

This act requires that chemicals causing cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm must be listed and published by the state.  The chemical can be listed if the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) determines the chemicals to be carcinogenic.  This past March, IARC released a report stating that glyphosate is a “probable carcinogen.”(3)

Glyphosate will join the list of 800 toxic chemicals that have been determined to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harms

This is an eye opening decision that Monsanto is not fond of, but it is the first decision of its kind in the U.S.  Unfortunately, there is no restriction on sales, but it is progress that environmental agencies are now confirming what the public has believed to be true for quite some time. (3)

Monsanto remains in denial and appears baffled that glyphosate would make the list of 800 toxic chemicals.  Company spokesperson, Charla Lord, continues to tout the wonders of glyphosate when responding to California’s decision. (3)

“Glyphosate is an effective and valuable tool for farmers and other users, including many in the state of California. During the upcoming comment period, we will provide detailed scientific information to OEHHA about the safety of glyphosate and work to ensure that any potential listing will not affect glyphosate use or sales in California.” (3)

Monsanto spokesperson shows the public that they are more concerned about their own agenda and sales than the health of people or animals

Of course they will work to ensure that the listing does not affect sales.  The company has clearly shown that they are more concerned about their own agenda and the bottom dollar than they have ever been about the health of people and animals!

It’s too soon to tell if other states will follow suit, but the events of this year are definitely giving Monsanto a run for their money!

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