Reverend Cures His Colon Cancer with Raw Food Diet

Nadine Watters
Reverend Cures His Colon Cancer with Raw Food Diet
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At the age of 42, Reverend George Malkmus was given only grim options when it came to his colon cancer. Fortunately, instead of accepting defeat, Malkmus decided to take his health into his own hands, and began focusing on a raw food diet.

With a brave and determined attitude and a little bit of faith, a now-healthy Malkmus spreads his knowledge and belief of the raw food diet wherever he goes.(1,2)

Malkmus Finds Immediate Positive Results from His Raw Food Diet

With advice from a friend who, “discouraged me from going the medical route, and encouraged me to do something as simple as change what I ate”, Malkmus immediately turned to his diet for answers, rather than to medication.(1)

He was happy to adopt healthier food options, and made the diet change overnight. Malkmus explained that “I almost immediately started to get well…within a year, my baseball-sized tumor had vanished-disappeared without any medical help whatsoever”.(1)

Amazing news for the reverend who was so thankful for his change in health, that he immediately set to spread the word to all those who would hear it. Seventy-nine at the time of the video, Malkmus joyously commented “Here I am- just about to be eighty years old here in a couple of months, and I haven’t had a cold since I made the diet change.”(1)

An amazing example for others, Malkmus has proven that changing the direction of your health is possible at any age, and experiencing life to its very fullest is attainable for anyone.

Malkmus Spreads His Faith of the Raw Food Diet to Others

Since curing himself naturally, Malkmus and his wife Rhonda have opened a ministry called “Hallelujah Acres”, a biblical ministry that teaches health from a biblical perspective.(1) In its popularity, Malkmus has been able to train over ten thousand health ministers, to teach others about the importance of a raw food diet, and spread the word of good health.

Today, Hallelujah Acres has now become the “Hallelujah Diet”, which has helped millions of people better themselves, and cure over one hundred and seventy different physical problems including terminal cancers.(1)

Reverend Malkmus views the raw food diet as part of a religious history, but his message remains the same as others who have adopted the healthy lifestyle: “Our health is dependent on us…we are the care takers of that body.” (1)

With a continued raw food diet, George and Rhonda have remained “energetic and disease-free well into their senior years. They still travel regularly, eagerly spreading the message about eating well”. (2)

George Malkmus had a history of colon cancer in his family, but that did not stop him from deciding to have faith in the raw food diet, and let a natural lifestyle decide what would happen to his health.

It doesn’t matter your history or your age, Malkmus’ story is a great example of the endless possibilities and amazing results of a raw food diet. If you would like to hear more about what the Malkmus family is doing to spread the word, visit myhdiet.com. If you’re new to the raw food diet, visit http://www.therawfoodworld.com/rawfoods-c100148 for some general information about diffrent raw foods and how you can make and/or purchase them.

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