Research shows Frankincense and Sandalwood essential oils effective in killing cancer cells

Nadine Watters
Research shows Frankincense and Sandalwood essential oils effective in killing cancer cells
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The Chinese Medicine Journal published a study recently that proves Frankincense and Sandalwood essential oils kill cancer cells, specifically bladder cancer cells. Frankincense (Boswellia carterii, known as Ru Xiang in Chinese) and sandalwood (Santalum album, known as Tan Xiang in Chinese) are used in Chinese medicine as cancer preventive and therapeutic essential oils. (1)

How do Frankincense and Sandalwood essential oils kill cancer cells?

Both Frankincense and Sandalwood have ancient traditional uses throughout the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. These steam distilled essential oils have been used for various different ailments, frankincense to treat wounds, as an uplifter and for its anti-fungal properties (2), while sandalwood is known as a cardio-tonic and chemo preventative among other treatments (3).This study, done by the University of Oklahoma researchers, shows that both essential oils both cause cancer cell death even though they accomplish it in different ways. The essential oils used were from Young Living Essential Oils who gather the frankincense from Somalia and the sandalwood from Sri Lanka. (1)

What makes these oils so powerful?

The distinct chemical constituents of these oils is what researchers say to be the reason for their powerful activities in the cells and as well as the other biological activities. Frankincense is high in monoterpenes and sandalwood is high in sesquiterpenes, but although each oil has different chemical profiles they both elicited the same response from the cancer cell, death. Frankincense and Sandalwood have also been found to be helpful in treating rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, skin cancer, and acne, dysentery, and gonorrhea, respectively. (1)

Research has shown other frankincense anti-tumor activity in human cancer cell such as:

  • meningioma cells
  • leukemia cells
  • hepatoma cells
  • melanoma cells
  • fibrosarcoma cells
  • colon cancer cells
  • and prostate cancer cells (1)

Sandalwood, on the other hand, has been much claimed for its antibacterial activity, chemo prevention, treatment in skin papillomas and skin cancer, as well as a sedating agent. Researchers claim that “Frankincense essential oil may represent a candidate on a growing list of natural compounds selectively eradicating cancer cells” and that “sandalwood essential oil appears to be a non-tumor cell-specific agent inducing DNA damage and cell cycle arrest (1).”

Woman claims her bladder cancer has not returned in two years

This study gives hard evidence that the essential oils can definitely kill bladder cancer cells. A woman claims the doctors gave up on chemo and radiation in her rare and fast growing bladder cancer. When someone gave her frankincense oil to try she says “It will soon be two years since I was diagnosed. No signs of the bladder cancer! (4)”

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