Remineralize Teeth and Fight Tooth Decay with Cacao!

Heather Suhr
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Cacao has been used for thousands of years and was so highly prized by the Mayans that they even used it in their religious rituals and ceremonies, hailing it as a food of the gods. The Spanish then began importing this special bean to Europe and it quickly became one of the most expensive and sought after commodities of the time. (1)

Yet for all its popularity, I doubt chocolate was being used to keep the teeth strong and healthy. Recently a team of researchers from Tulane University discovered that chocolate trumps fluoride in fighting tooth decay! (2)

Remineralize tooth enamels and fights cavities

It is no secret that the pros and cons of fluoride are under great debate. Regardless, studies do show that it’s toxic, harmful to our health, and damaging to the environment. Now, we have new information that chocolate is a better alternative to keep our teeth strong. (3)

Researchers comparatively tested an extract obtained from the cacao bean and fluoride, which were applied to extracted human molars. In the first comparison, treated teeth were left in a specialized machine, which gradually indented into each tooth, revealing the hardness of the enamel. The results show that teeth treated with cocoa extract proved to be much stronger than when fluoride was used. (2,4,5)

In the second test, each tooth was placed in either cocoa extract or fluoride and left overnight. The next day, each tooth was soaked in strong acid for 10 minutes and then measured to see how much calcium leached into the acid. The team found that tooth soaked in cocoa extract had lost 8% less than those soaked in fluoride. (2,4,5)

Tulane University press revealed, “The extract, a white crystalline powder whose chemical makeup is similar to caffeine, helps harden teeth enamel, making users less susceptible to tooth decay. The cocoa extract could offer the first major innovation to commercial toothpaste since manufacturers began adding fluoride to toothpaste in 1914.” (4)

Healthy for you and good for your teeth

Simply mix together 2 tablespoons baking soda, 4 tablespoons organic virgin coconut oil, 6 drops clove essential oil, and 2 teaspoons organic cacao powder in a small glass bowl until a smooth consistency is formed. Store in a sealable glass jar and enjoy! (6)

Cacao is an excellent source of antioxidants, and extremely rich in magnesium and iron. Keeping it in its natural form makes raw cacao even healthier; if unroasted beans are put through a cold press then their natural enzymes remain while the fat is removed. (7,8)

It’s also fabulous to add cacao to smoothies, desserts, drinks, and more!

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