Reishi Spore Testimonials!

Matthew Monarch
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It’s one of those rare times when we have our Reishi Spore Products ‘At-Cost’! I’ve shared an incredible amount of testimonials on these products over the years. I never ask for these testimonials, yet they just keep pouring in. It’s 11pm here and after reading these latest stories, I just had to take a hit of the Reishi Oil, lol…

If you are interested in ordering, click the link below:


Check out these new Reishi testimonials below!

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of someone with mobility issues benefiting from these products:

“Since we’re talking…I’ve been meaning to email y’all about Reishi Spore results. I’ve been eating the Reishi Spores since you started carrying them. I’m probably eating a couple teaspoons a day–some days more, some days less–and arthritis in my shoulders and hands has backed down a LOT. It’s enough that I’ve got almost normal mobility and strength again, without pain. This is particularly helpful, as I’m an artist and musician! 😉 I’m also feeding the Spores to my husband, and sneaking some into fruit smoothies for my kids. Thanks for making those available!!!” -E

“Hi Matt. Just wanted to let you know I am no longer on any asthma medications (which I’ve been taking for the past 15 years)…..I think it’s because of the Reishi Spore Oil I’ve been taking…I’m almost done with my first bottle…will be ordering more soon !!!! Thank you xoxoxo”

“Cool man. Hey, wanted to tell you something about that Reishi Spore Oil that I’ve been using.
So over the course of the summer I partook in some recreational drugs, and kinda went off the deep end for a few weeks. Anyways, long story short. My liver was in severe pain!!….like stabbing pain nonstop…probably had some impurities in the ‘products’ that wrecked some havoc I’m thinking. Or just overuse most likely.
Anyways….I remember that I still had a little bit of that Spore Oil left….took a whole dropper….then 3 hours later took another whole dropper.
Then after about 30 min of that last dropper…..no more pain at all!! And it hasn’t returned.
Not sure the mechanism by which is worked….but that Spore Oil is magic!
And I just want to thank you for putting these quality products out on the market at reasonable prices, Matt. Ur doing an awesome thing. Keep it up! Much love bro.”

“Has anyone ever said anything about the Reishi Spore Products increasing mental clarity and focus? I started taking the Reishi Spore Oil and Crystals on Monday and it very much seems as if my clarity and focus has drastically improved since the very day I started to take the products. I am definitely not going to complain about this at all, but I did want to ask you if either you or anyone else has mentioned this when taking the Oil and/or Crystals??”

“Matt, our cat had been sick and finally stopped eating or drinking. Fearful that this may go the way of a cat who transitioned a few short months ago, I asked the cat what she needed and big as life the label of the bottle of Reishi Spore Powder came into my mind. I told her it would be bitter and again the label flashed into my mind. We gave her the Powder and inside of an hour, she was back to eating. Her energy was immediately stronger and she KNEW what she needed. Thank you so much for your product. It has brought so much healing to our family. -S”

“Just an update on your Reishi Spore Oil. I have always had terrible short term memory. I will be 60 my next birthday and can remember things that I was never able to before taking your Spore Oil. I love it and it is well worth the price, since I work in a dementia unit and see what memory issues can do to a person. My son also has had a bad memory and made a 95 on his fill in the blank final on Tort Law! That is a first for him, and he wont be without it. It also gives us a sense that everything is going to be OKAY! Highly suggested for anyone looking for support of the body, mind and soul. Thanks! -A”

“When Matt introduced “the most powerful superfood in the world” I was interested to try it out. I didn’t want to miss out on the amazing benefits. Also, I lost my step-dad two years ago and I need everything to keep my Mom [71] going strong.
I went with the variety pack with the amazing price. Always grab Matt’s new products right when they come out to get crazy low prices!
It arrived the day that I got off a plane from visiting my Mom. I felt like crap from the flight so I went straight for the Reishi Crystals. I put a spoonful in my mouth and wa-bam! it overwhelmed me with its power. Within 20 minutes I was peacefully asleep recovering from my flight.
I have since let many others try it. My boss tried the Crystals and he was flying for two+ hours. He said he had never had any product affect him in that way.
I would advise everyone to grab a bottle of the Crystals. Don’t bother with the Powder or Oil. You want the most potent stuff only! Although be advised that it is quite bitter for at least fifteen minutes on the tongue.
I had to get my Mom on this stuff regularly especially since she had another memory loss episode from her statins [which I had no idea she went back on! -but now off again thank God!] But there was no way she would take such a bitter powder. So I grabbed my Capn’quik and handmade her a 3 month supply of Reishi Crystals capsules. I would love to see this encapsulated.
One of the best products in the world!”

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