Reishi mushrooms: Study shows three ways they can target and kill cancer cells

Heather Suhr
Reishi mushrooms: Study shows three ways they can target and kill cancer cells
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The immune system is a collection of organs, special cells and substances that help protect us from infections and other diseases. If the immune system acts as a protector against germs and parasites, then it is vital to keep it strong in order to stay healthy. (1)

Typically, when people have cancer, the immune system is very weak because it has become vulnerable to a host of parasites and viruses that can harm the body. The good news is that there are a multitude of natural remedies such as proper nutrition, herbs, and even mushrooms that can help protect us from cancer.

Reishi mushrooms can help target and kill cancer cells!

Did you know that there are approximately 14,000 known mushroom species?  Mushrooms might be the most natural and potent organic medicines on the face of the planet. Unfortunately, science has only been able to describe 7% of the 140,000 fungi. (2,3)

The good news is that scientists have been studying Reishi mushrooms and have identified them as immune building and anti-aging. The most recent findings show that these mushrooms have many cancer fighting properties! (3)

Here are three ways that Reishi mushrooms have proven to fight and kill cancer cells.

One study discovered that Reishi mushrooms induce antibodies to target tumors and prevent secondary infections. Cancer is already challenging enough, but secondary attacks from environmental pathogenic influences, such as viruses and bacteria, make the body more susceptible to ongoing issues. (3,4)

Another study shows that Reishi mushrooms actually help breast cancer patients by selectively inhibiting cancer cell viability and invasion. It also interrupts cell spheroids involved in the invasive nature of cancer cells. Researchers say, “Whole mushroom Reishi extract significantly reduces cell viability by 50%.” (3,5)

Another study indicates that Reishi mushrooms have the ability to stop cancer cells in their tracks, which is known as apoptosis. Healthy cells do eventually die, however, certain cancer cells do not go through apoptosis and actually divide endlessly. This division can cause more internal havoc; luckily, Reishi mushrooms intermediates this process successfully! (3,6)

Consider supplementing with Reishi mushrooms.

These are only three ways that Reishi mushrooms have proven to be effective in fighting and stopping cancer cells. There are numerous studies that support the healing benefits of these amazing fungi.

You can consider supplementing with Reishi powder, crystals, capsules, oil, or even tea! Not all supplements are created equal, so be sure to get the most potent active therapeutic agent of Reishi mushrooms!

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