Recognizing the Ones Who Are Unrecognized! – Tissues ;-)

Jamie Spector
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This mom has never forgotten about all the wonderful men and women who helped save her 14-week old baby’s life. Her husband and baby boy were involved in a tragic car accident that killed her husband instantly and her son was taken by helicopter from the scene due to a serious injury. Ten years later, she’s out to find the people to thank them…

Ten years after this life-changing car accident, Kellie finds all those who helped to save Eli’s life.  From the helicopter pilot to the first doctor who gave her hope, Kellie wanted to celebrate with them all.  She set up a banquet in their honor to recognize them for all they had done.  They even had a chance to meet Eli and see what a wonderful life they had saved.

Some of these heroes had never been thanked before and were moved by this kind gesture from Kellie.  They were in awe that after ten years Kellie came back to find each and every one of them to let them know how grateful she was, and still is, for what they did for her family.

One of the most amazing parts of this project was that Kellie and Eli’s extended family also got to celebrate with these men and women.  It is so important to acknowledge the people who make a difference in our lives.  A simple gesture of thanks can make a tremendous impact on our givers.

Truth be told, we all know that when we feel appreciated, we are more likely to continue giving and being of service!  Sounds like a win-win : )

About:  This video was originally seen on ArnoldPalmerHospital YouTube channelArnold Palmer Hospital for Children is a nationally-ranked pediatric hospital located in Orlando, Florida.  This hospital is nationally reknowned for pediatric cardiology, pediatric heart surgery, and pediatric orthopedics.

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