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Raw Vegan Cheese Dip
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Even though I have this listed as a raw vegan cheese dip, it could easily be a cheese sauce for whole food pastas, such as the brown rice pasta that The Raw Food World sell on their website.  Other pastas you will want to look into that they sell are the black bean, soy bean, mung bean, and adzuki bean pastas from Explore Asian.

BUT…to keep things as simple as possible for this recipe, here is the raw vegan cheese dip along side cucumber “chips.”



  1. Throw everything into a High Speed Blender
  2. Enjoy cold or warmed!

Nutritional benefits of pine nuts:

Pine Nuts are rich in vitamin A and lutein, which support sharper vision. They are also heart-healthy, a good source of vitamin D to help build strong bones, rich in vitamin C to help boost the immune system, a good source of iron that can help with circulation. (1)

Pine nuts have pinoleic acid and aids in weight loss. These little nuts help fight free radicals and are a great source of protein and magnesium. (1)

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