For parents: how to expect the very best for your children

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If you are a parent, it goes without saying you want the very best for your children. You love them, you sometimes worry about them, and you wish to protect them from any and every possible bad thing that exists in this world.

This is applicable to any stage of parenting, whether you have a newborn baby or a grown, adult child. And it is perfectly understandable, and good!

Many times parents fret about their parenting style, questioning whether they are doing it right, if they are too easy, too harsh, if they are handling the many phases of childhood in the best way possible.

There is a wealth of advice and wisdom about parenting in the teachings of Esther Hicks, an author and inspirational speaker who translates the guidance she receives from the non-physical entity known by the name of Abraham. Details about the history of Abraham-Hicks can be found on the website of the same name. (1)

In a video excerpt from an Abraham-Hicks workshop, an attendee asks Hicks whether her intentions and wishes for her children will infringe upon their own free will and creativity, and this is a good question for parents to ponder. (2)

Specifically, the attendee says that she wishes for them to have a wonderful day, and to be healthy and happy and have a good experience at school. She wonders if she is taking away their own free will to manifest what they wish for themselves.

“We don’t think anything you said there could possibly step on their creative toes, because you weren’t trying to dictate the way in which they had a wonderful life and a wonderful time,” answered Hicks. “You just tapped into the essence of who they are, which are beings who want to feel joy, who want to live a joyous experience.”

She goes on to say that when the attendee, as a parent, holds those wishes as a personal intention, then that makes her as a mother a powerful catalyst that influences that in their experience.

In other words, if you spend time focusing on your wishes for the best and wonderful experiences for your child(ren), you are definitely on the right track!

On the other hand, if you are using your time wishing, or intending, for them to specifically act as you prefer, such as being a good listener with their teachers, or to stay away from a certain crowd, or to make straight A’s in school, or otherwise behave in a specific manner, then you are focusing on things that you don’t want.

The problem with focusing on what you do not want, is that when you hold that in your thoughts, you are separating yourself from vibrational alignment. And when you do that, you are essentially keeping yourself from enjoying your own best life. Further, this kind of thinking is of no help to your children.

“You can tell when you are dabbling in things in which you shouldn’t dabble by the degree of the good feeling that your inner being is reflecting,” says Hicks. “In other words, when you are loving your children, and expecting good things for them, you are tapped into the energy of your source and you are flooding that all over them. When you worry about your children, you’ve separated from who you really are.”

This is a critical point because, as Abraham counsels – through Hicks – your inner being (your source, God, Higher Power, whatever you wish to name it) will never worry about your children.

“Your inner being always expects the very best for your children,” says Hicks. “So when you expect the very best for your children, can you imagine this powerful signal that you are offering, and can you imagine the powerful influence that you are offering to them, as you are saying to them in all kinds of different ways and different timing: I know how guided you are, I know how wonderful you are, and I know how worthy of a good life you are.”

These are the expectations that are the purest, most loving that you could ever dream of for your precious children. Not expectations that they meet certain criteria that you deem worthy, but expectations that they are powerful creators of a wonderful life.

If parents everywhere can expect good things for their children, imagine the impact for not only in their lives, but for future generations as well!

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