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California first to provide organic school lunches!

Lynn Griffith
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Recently, schools have been undergoing numerous changes to their meal programs.  The biggest question is whether this is making a difference.  Studies say that healthier meals have improved not only the health of children, but also academic scores.

A team led by Arthur Agatston, creator of South Beach diet, presented findings of their study.  For a two year time period, the team worked with 1,197 elementary students, across 79 schools, in 7 states.  The team found significant increases in math scores associated with improving school lunches. (1)

Several studies indicate nutrition is associated with a substantial increase in math and literacy scores!

Another study that took place in Canada evaluated the lifestyle and performance of 5,000 children.  The students who ate adequate fruit, vegetable, protein, and fiber did better on literacy tests than those who had a high sodium and high saturated fat diet.(2)

In Marin County, California, they are taking a step that no other school to date has taken.  They are providing 100 percent organic lunches to their students.  They are also offering their students a fine dining experience complete with fresh flowers and a chef who personally explained his menu!  The menu is entirely made from scratch. (3)

Students in Marin County, California eat organic lunches complete with fresh flowers on the table and a chef that explains the menu!

Foods such as Italian herb roasted chicken are on the menu.  Everything served has zero GMO foods!  The menu starts out with the best ingredients you can get, and some of the produce even comes from the schools garden.  Students report that they have more energy throughout the day and others simply state, “It’s like, more delicious.”(3)

Many of the students qualify for free or reduced lunches, meaning the federal government is paying for the meals.  A non-profit organization, Conscious Kitchen, consult on menus and mentor the students. (3)

Students report that they have more energy and the food tastes delicious!

If you desire to see improvement in school lunches in your community, talk with the school board and work with local farmers and nutrition programs to see if there are any improvements that can be made!


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