First USDA certified organic fast food restaurant chain opens its doors!

Lynn Griffith
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Last year’s Gallup poll reported that 45 percent of Americans seek out organic foods.  Awareness continues to grow about the impacts of GMOs and more and more people are actively seeking out non-GMO alternatives.(1)

Forty-five percent of Americans seek out organic foods!

Ninety-three percent, or nearly everyone in the U.S., believes that the federal government should require labeling on bioengineered or genetically modified foods.  It’s rare to gain such unanimity. (2)

Businesses and restaurants are picking up on the desires of consumers and more and more restaurants and grocery stores are seeking to provide organic, non-GMO options.  Chipotle has been moving toward a GMO free menu, but when it comes to fast food, they’ve just been outdone!(3)

Organic Coup’s menu is 95 percent organic featuring organic chicken, vegetables, breads, sides and even sodas!

Last week, Pleasanton California became home to a fried chicken sandwich restaurant with a menu that is 95 percent organic.  The Organic Coup’s menu features organic chicken, vegetables, breads, sides and even sodas.  This chain is the first USDA certified organic fast food restaurant in the United States. (3)

Founder, Erica Welton, was a former buyer for Costco, and while on the road two years ago, came up with the idea for Organic Coup. (3)

“We were always on-the-go and usually the best choice we had for food was Chipotle,” Welton told FoxNews.com. “They’ve done a really great job on the non-GMO front, but somebody needed to take it all the way.”(3)

Welton brought organic chicken to Costco and noticed a shift in consumer buying habits in the last four years of her time as a discount retailer.  She left Costco to move ahead with the Coup, but credits her Costco experience when moving on to being a business owner.  She shares that everything from the restaurant’s business model to their menu have come from what was learned at Costco. (3)

The menu features their signature organic chicken breast that is fried in Nutiva coconut oil and served with a spicy organic vegetable slaw!

The three main menu items feature organic chicken breast that is fried in Nutiva coconut oil.  The chicken breast can be served as a sandwich with an organic spicy vegetable slaw, in a tortilla wrap or on a bowl of shredded vegetables.(3)

Welton stated that moms don’t want their chicken raised with antibiotics and don’t want their produce sprayed with chemicals.  She is hoping to please everyone from “moms to millennials.”(3)

If this chain sounds good, the Organic Coup, could be coming to a location near you.  The chain has an aggressive plan to expand with 25 stores opening throughout California next year, and then branching out to organic-friendly markets such as Denver, Seattle, Portland and Manhattan.(3)

Maybe soon, this chain will have a vegetarian and vegan menu, and open it’s doors for more consumers who prefer healthy, organic options without meat!

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