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Obese mothers who maintain or lose weight during pregnancy have lower healthcare costs and healthy babies!

Lynn Griffith
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Obesity has become an epidemic in America, leaving 78.6 million Americans struggling with their body weight. (1)  Obesity during pregnancy poses numerous risks to mother and baby.  Many obese mothers face preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, infections, C-section and even loss of pregnancy.(2)

Obese mothers can face preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, infection, C-section and even loss of pregnancy

A recent study from The University of Texas Medical Branch showed that women who were diagnosed as severely obese and lost weight during pregnancy had healthier babies and lower health care costs.(3)

The study compared 82 severely obese pregnant women with 85 healthy weight women.  The obese mothers experience more medical problems, higher medical costs and longer hospital stays than the non-obese women.  Out of the 82 severely obese women, 26 percent who maintained or lost weight during their pregnancy experienced lower medical costs and had healthy babies.(3)

Study found that severely obese women who maintained or lost weight during pregnancy had lower medical costs and healthy babies!

Neonatal intensive care consumed 78 percent of the hospital costs of the obese women who gained weight during their pregnancy, compared to 48 percent of the cost for women who maintained or lost weight.(3)

Protect yourself and your child by eating a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, managing emotional eating, and being active!

If you are pregnant and desire to lose weight in order to improve both you and your baby’s health, remember the importance of healthy eating and exercise!  Keeping a food diary can help you track food cravings associated with moods in order to assure you are staying on the right track.  Making sure you are getting enough nutrients and drinking plenty of water is essential.(4)

It’s also important to be active during pregnancy doing low impact exercises such as walking, swimming, or low impact aerobics.  Make sure to work closely with your doctor if you believe your weight could be problematic during pregnancy.  It is essential that any weight loss be done in a safe and healthy way that does not risk you or your baby’s health and wellbeing. (4)

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy will benefit you when caring for a newborn.  Most mothers will agree that they need every ounce of energy they can find in order to care for their newborn, complete night feedings, and have patience for a crying infant!

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