Do I Need Foods That Were Grown in Pristine Peruvian Soils?

Matthew Monarch
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This blog post does not aim to discredit anyone that takes supplements, or sells supplements. Heck, I have maca root in my cupboard and I take a handful before a date lol. Plus I promote such foods in my affiliate and other marketing. I just re-defined what I consider a supplement, that’s all.

But no, this post isn’t about all that, it is more about me trying to decide if I really “need” these supplements. Hint, I already know the answer. Well, sorta. I will tell you at the end 🙂

Alright. Is the food that we are meant to consume, only *just* foods that can tap a root in soil in our backyards? Sometimes I think, yes. But, is it acceptable to *play* with foods that the guy from Pitfall had to jump over alligators and swing on vines, to go and get for us? And is he really just an adventurous guy that cares about my health?

You see, supplementation is convenient! I can powderize spinach in my dehydrator (i.e. remove the water which causes it to go bad eventually) and “supplement” my diet by sprinkling it on top of foods or in smoothies for weeks to come. Is it the best way? Probably not, but is it convenient? Yes! Is it necessary for preservation? I guess that all depends on your mindset: abundance or lack.. ouch.. OK…

I started to play with maca a little bit. I would take a couple a day for a while, then take a handful before a date? Why? Truthfully, it was because I recalled a pheromones story by the “4-Hour Body” guy, but his story involved consuming mass amounts of beef. At any rate, I wanted to be armed with some extra man-ness so I took a lot of maca (like 8 capsules instead of 1 or 2). I even wore deodorant but it turns out I didn’t have to.

And the results? I don’t know to be honest. I didn’t think about it until just now. But, I do remember that I didn’t suddenly have mass sex appeal, I didn’t get glances enough to make my date jealous, and I didn’t feel especially virile. Instead, my mind was off that subject primarily, and I looked beyond the sex part of my future. Maybe I am just more mature this time around, or maybe maca is assisting in my quest to be more like the man I intend to be. It is supposed to have an “effect on the hormones” after all, as they say. (1,2)

Things that make you go hmmmm.

I buy my maca from The Raw Food World, sometimes from a local shop, and sometimes from Vega. I work for Matt, but he’s not paying me to write this article. I get money when people click on the AdSense ads surrounding the article… one or two of them at least. So… the purpose of this article wasn’t for monetary gain… entirely.

Now, are supplements needed? Maybe. Depends on what you believe.

With that said, I think I will go start a garden. Is it too early? I don’t know, but it’s definitely not too late! Talk soon.

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