How to cure and prevent skin cancer using natural methods of treatment!

Lynn Griffith
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Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States, with incident counts that cover 99 percent of the population.  The current treatment costs approximately $1.4 billion per year!(1)

Eggplant extract cream found to eliminate skin cancer lesions in 14 weeks!

Dr. Bill Cham has completed several studies using eggplant-extract to heal skin cancer.  His latest study includes two men in their 60s who were diagnosed with large basal cell carcinoma, or squamous cell carcinoma, that they had been managing for years.  They used a cream formulated with eggplant extract twice per day, and found a rapid breakdown of the tumor.  After two weeks, the first man’s lesion was half the original size, and after 14 weeks, that cancer was gone.  In the second man’s case, after six weeks of treatment, the lesion appeared cleaner and some of the cancer tissue had been replaced by healthy tissue.  At week 9, the lesion was much smaller, and by week 14, the lesion was gone. (2)

More than 80,000 patients found that eggplant extract was effective in healing skin cancer!

Dr. Cham found that eggplant extract was effective for more than 80,000 patients, and it only impacts cancerous cells, leaving the healthy cells alone. (2)

One person has reported success making their own eggplant cream using organic eggplant and organic apple cider vinegar.  They soaked gauze in the extract and then used a bandaid to apply the gauze to the site.  They did this for a couple hours a day.  After 10 days, the spot was gone. (2)

A new study found that treatment using nicotinamide, a form of vitamin B3, reduces the chance of non-melanoma skin cancer in high risk patients.(3)

The study included 386 high risk patients who had at least two non-melanoma skin cancers in the past five years.  Participants were randomly assigned to nicotinamide treatment or a placebo group for one year.  Those who received nicotinamide had a 23 percent reduced risk of new non-melanoma skin cancer. (3)

Nicotinamide, a form of vitamin B3, reduces risk of new non-melanoma skin cancer by 23 percent!

Nicotinamide is available over-the-counter and is safe and affordable.  It is well tolerated with no adverse side effects. (3)

If you are currently battling skin cancer, there are cheaper methods for treatment out there that don’t have the side effects of conventional medicine.

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