Monsanto is feeling the impact of lawsuits and bad publicity!

Lynn Griffith
Monsanto is feeling the impact of lawsuits and bad publicity!
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In 2012, organic food sales were $31 billion U.S. dollars and were expected to rise to $42 billion by 2014.  With the rise in organic food sales, is it possible that Monsanto may meet its demise? (1)

Organic food sales continue to rise as Monsanto’s secrets continue to leak!

The majority of America has no pity for Monsanto; their stocks have plunged 25 percent since Spring.  Unfortunately, the farmers are struggling alongside Monsanto as the prices for corn and soybeans drop.  This means that farmers will have less money to invest in Monsanto’s overpriced carcinogen based seeds! (2)

Last month, Monsanto attempted to buy their rival, Syngenta, but the deal crumbled at the last minute.  Now Monsanto’s profits are much lower than expected for the year, and they have lowered their profit projections for the coming year! (2)

In response to the falling profits, Monsanto is now cutting 2,600 jobs, or 12 percent of their workforce.  They are spending $3 billion to buy back shares in order to magically boost their earnings-per-share ratio. (3)

Monsanto buying back $3 billion in shares in order to magically boost earnings-per-share ratio!

Monsanto is planning to exit itself from the sugar cane industry and plans to “streamline and reprioritize” commercial, research and development work.  This appears to be corporate talk for trying to save our sinking company! (3)

Sales of corn seeds and traits fell 5 percent, and the agriculture productivity unit that includes Roundup dropped 12 percent! (3)

Monsanto corporate giants squirming as they work to restructure the company in hopes to save $400 million per year!

After the company is through with their restructuring, they are hoping to save $400 million per year!  While it may appear that the company is experiencing some hardships, the CEO, Hugh Grant, continues to tout their victories, stating, “Our germplasm performance has never been better, our trait technology has continued to leap and our market position and pipeline remains strong.” (2)

As the world continues to come together to stand against the giant, Monsanto, is it possible we could watch this giant fall?  It is likely that Monsanto is beginning to feel the pain of protests, lawsuits, organic farming, and bad publicity!  With the growing demand for organics and the growing hatred of Monsanto, could farming begin to take on a new look in the future as more and more farmers begin the long process of reworking the land and transitioning to organic farming?

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