Mom Caught Daddy and Daughter Dancing! So Funny!

Jamie Spector
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What a great dad!  He is playing the Wii gaming system with his daughter and showing her his awesome moves while they both shake it off with the Smurf Dance Party!  They are clueless that mom is recording every single move.

A father-daughter relationship is one of the most wonderful relationships to see.  There is something about the bond between a father and daughter that is completely heart-warming.  The things that a dad will do for his daughter is unlike anything you can ever imagine a grown man doing.

Dads can often be found playing Barbie, having tea parties, getting their hair done with all the bows and barrettes that will fit, or in the case of this adorable dad – dancing to Smurf Dance Party.

This is a lucky little girl to have a dad that is not afraid to stand up and dance with his special lady!

About:  This video was originally seen on Meagan Nash YouTube channel.  Check out this channel to see more adorable videos of this father and daughter duo!

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