Matt Monarch Live Hangout Replay from February 10, 2015

Nadine Watters
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Matt’s live hangout session from last Tuesday (February 10) was lots of fun, with loads of constructive advice, helpful thoughts, and some major “A-HA” moments.

He discussed several issues specific to the raw food diet, including addressing how to gain muscle and weight, whether or not probiotics and enzymes have a place, concerns about “overeating” on this way of eating, and especially enlightening – how a raw food diet can serve as a possible doorway into spirituality.

Matt gets personal in this video, discussing his father in relation to health – it’s heartwarming and inspiring all at once.

A real highlight of this video is when Matt asks his listeners to take part in an informal “health test.” That sounds interesting by itself – but it’s not exactly what you think it might be! You’ll just have to watch the video to really grasp the personal relevance it will have for you, and value it can – and will – bring you.

Let’s go over a few high points:

1. Weight gain and muscle building on a raw foods diet

A listener said he was on a total raw foods diet, with a daily menu consisting of green drinks in the morning, salads for lunch and dinner, along with nuts and avocados. He asked Matt if he recommended adding extra calories to gain weight.

“On a raw food diet, you’re not going to gain the weight,” Matt responded. “It’s just that simple. But the key is, add exercises like pushups – and then add nut butters and nuts.”

Matt said that a good weight gain and muscle builder is blending about eight Turkish figs that have been soaked along with hemp seeds.

“It tastes ridiculously good and it’s a really good muscle builder,” he added.

It is a myth that one cannot build muscle while on a raw foods diet. If you are getting enough quality protein, you will have no problems. The bodybuilding website stronglifts.com recommends 1g of protein per pound of body weight every day. (1)

Excellent sources of protein on a raw food diet include spinach, soaked beans, and nuts of all kinds.

Water consumption is a critical part of any plan to gain muscle, on any diet. The human body is approximately 70 percent water, most of which is contained in muscle tissue. Water needs to be replenished every day to remain healthy, to remove toxins and waste – this cannot happen if you are dehydrated. It is recommended that you consume about 2,500 ml (roughly 85 fl oz.) per day. (1)

2. Raw food diet and spirituality

A listener asked Matt if he thinks he could have reached his level of spirituality without the use of raw foods and colonics. In addition, the listener wanted to know if someone could reach that same level without doing those things.

“Absolutely,” said Matt. “I know people who smoke cigarettes and eat pasta and reach that (level). One has nothing to do with the other. However, there are many doorways into the spiritual, and the raw food diet is a very powerful one.”

Matt then explained that because a raw food diet along with colonics cleanses you and removes toxicity – it has the potential to increase your spiritual vibration.

He highly recommends watching the video “How to Heal from Disease Spiritually.” (2)

“That right there is the key,” Matt emphasizes. “It’s like this – what’s your attitude? When you are living your life and you’re having issues with mood, or you have no energy, and you are dealing with depression and you’re miserable — what is your attitude? Are you bitter? This is what needs to be overcome in order to get more.”

He also discusses how our gift of free will is to vibrate out of our being whatever we want.

“So there’s all these energies right now pushing down on you – saying you are depressed, or this, or that – and you’re sitting there submitting to it,” he adds. “You also have the choice to say yes bring it on – I’m going to prove…that I’m not going to succumb to this.”

Matt emphasized how important it is to watch the video (2) – how it describes this process, and that making that commitment to grow spiritually is the key.

3. The health test

“How healthy are you?”, Matt asked the listeners. He asked everyone to take part in a health test, and had people send in an email with one choice in the subject line:

  • Perfect health
  • Healthy
  • Somewhat healthy
  • Unhealthy

The emails came pouring in, and in just a few minutes, Matt had his answers, and this is what he had to say:

  • If you wrote that you are in perfect health, you are in perfect health.
  • If you wrote that you are healthy, you are healthy.
  • If you wrote that you are somewhat healthy, you are somewhat healthy.
  • If you wrote that you are unhealthy, I don’t even want to say it.

In others words, whatever you suggested that you were “health-wise,” you were right!

“How could this be?” he asked. “What is health?”

Matt then shared about his father.

“My dad is 75 years old. He is 300 pounds. He’s like a teddy bear,” he said. “He doesn’t worry – he’s extremely happy. He can’t control his appetite. But he is 75, and to me it looks like he is healthy. And then sometimes I see raw food eaters stressing out in their minds, fidgeting non-stop because they overate and they’re worried about their digestive issues – and their body is in total terror.”

“Who is healthier?” he mused.

He then goes on to explain how when people get neurotic about the way that they eat, it can cause problems.

“So out of all 100 people, only two or three people said they were in perfect health,” said Matt. “It’s all about our attitude.”

He re-emphasized that it’s all about what you vibrate.

“We’ve got to battle that thing that comes in and tells you you’re not healthy you can say ‘No, I’m healthy’,” he said. “And that little spark in you is what does it – that little spark – that’s what is really you.”


The February 10th hangout was chock-full of wisdom, insight, humor, and a whole lot of enlightenment. This is a must-see video. Tune in just as soon as you get the chance! For your convenience, it is embedded again below:

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