New study confirms that medical marijuana is safe!

Lynn Griffith
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Most states have passed laws making medical marijuana legal.  Most doctors will prescribe medical marijuana to patients who are struggling with pain management.  If you live in a state where medical marijuana is legal, you are given a “marijuana card” and are authorized to buy marijuana from authorized dispensaries. (1)

Medical marijuana may be used to manage muscle spasms associated with multiple sclerosis, nausea associated with cancer chemotherapy, HIV or nerve pain, seizure disorders and even Crohn’s disease.(1)

Medical marijuana is useful in pain management of cancer chemotherapy, HIV, nerve pain, seizure disorder, and even Crohn’s disease

The benefits of smoking marijuana may be overstated by advocates of marijuana, but they also may not be.  New laws will make it easier for researchers to examine the medicinal benefits.  Currently, only 6 percent of studies on marijuana review its medicinal purposes.(2)

Currently, only 6 percent of studies examine the medicinal benefits of marijuana

A Canadian research team has completed a national multicentre study examining the safety of medical marijuana among patients with chronic pain.  They carefully monitored these patients for one year and found that they did not have an increase in serious adverse events in comparison to those who did not use medical marijuana.(3)

The authors of the study report that this is the largest study examining safety, and report that these patients appeared to have “a reasonable safety profile.”(3)

New study reports that medical marijuana is safe for managing chronic pain

The study followed 215 adult patients with chronic non-cancer pain, who used medical marijuana.  The patients were given cannabis containing 12.5 percent THC from a licensed producer.  Participants underwent blood testing, cognitive tests, lung functioning assessments, and completed questionnaires about their pain, mood and quality of life over the one year follow up.(3)

Lead author, Dr. Mark Ware, reports, ”We found no evidence of harmful effects on cognitive function, or blood tests among cannabis consumers, and we observed a significant improvement in their levels of pain, symptom distress, mood and quality of life compared to controls.(3)

As laws have shifted, we may gain more access to studies like these that share the benefits and safety of medical marijuana.  Many practitioners remain hesitant or resistant to prescribing medical marijuana.  Increased research may allow for more patients to be approved for medical marijuana.

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