Looking to shed some weight? Study reveals a plant-based, vegan diet is the best way to go!

Heather Suhr
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For many the months of November and December are all about the holidays, celebrations, and food! For most Americans it typically means parties are filled with processed foods and refined sugars. This can be a dread for those following a whole foods, plant-based vegan eating lifestyle.

The month of November is a celebration of the World Vegan Month and this could be a perfect opportunity for many to share the amazing health benefits of a vegan lifestyle. According to a recent study, a plant-based vegan diet promotes more weight loss than other diets that have been compared. (1)

People shed more weight on a plant-based vegan diet even if carbohydrates were included

A recent study published in The International Journal of Applied and Basic Nutritional Sciences, reported that vegans have no reason to be concerned. The study followed participants who were randomly assigned to one of the five different diet groups: vegan, semi-vegetarian, pesco-vegetarian, vegetarian, and omnivorous. (2,3)

Participants were to adhere to their new diet for six months. The results show that those who adhered to a vegan diet , which also ate high in carbohydrates, actually lost the most amount of weight. The weight loss was 4.3% more on average, which is about 16.5 pounds. (2,3)

Stories around the globe from those following a plant-based, vegan diet

Throughout the years, there have been many testimonies on how a plant-based, vegan diet has helped those with many ailments. For today’s article, the case is obesity.

Jessica Parsons, from New Zealand, shed 90 pounds and cured obesity. Earlier in her life, she ate common foods, but struggled with being overweight even at a young age. After following a high carb, plant-based, vegan diet, she not only shed weight but gained self-esteem. As she says, “This diet, although not easy, is simple, healthy and cheap. Most importantly, it works!” (4)

How about a story on a kid named Ben? He was addicted to fast food, loved eating meat, and struggled with his weight as a kid. Growing up feeling self-conscious and never seem to be able to lose the weight. After meeting another kid who was a vegan, Ben changed his eating habits overnight. He lost 50 pounds and feels great about himself! (5)

Weight loss is not only the positive outcome

The lead author of the vegan diet study, Gabrielle Turner-McGrievy, indicated that vegan participants experienced the greatest amount of decreased in fat and saturated fat levels, lowered their BMIs, and improved macro nutrients than all the other diet groups. (2,3)

McGrievy says, “I personally was surprised that the pesco-vegetarian group didn’t fare better with weight loss. In the end, their loss was no different than semi-vegetarian or omnivorous groups. (2,3)

So, when you’re around your family and friends during the traditional holiday celebrations, don’t feel bad. Bring something healthy and take pleasure knowing that you’re doing your body greater good!

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