I Like The Way You Grow It…Yo Diggity!

Jamie Spector
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This small farm in Boise, Idaho made a video to promote their plant sale.  They decided that rapping about their vegetables would be a great way to boost sales – and, if nothing else, get a few laughs!  The lyrics are awesome and the dancers will bring a smile to your face!

Boise is the capital of Idaho and is located in the southwestern region of the state.  As of 2010, there were 205,671 people living in Boise. The city is rather large and contains several different neighborhoods, including the Bench, the North End, West Boise, and Downtown. (1)

Each neighborhood has its own flare and draw.  For example, the downtown area is the cultural center for the city and does offer a fair amount of shopping with access to small businesses, but does not currently have a huge dining scene.  A visit to Boise would definitely be a good use of time as the city is beautiful and located along the Boise River. (1)

About:  This video was originally seen on peacefulbellyfarm YouTube channelPeaceful Belly Farm was founded in 2002.  It is a 60-acre farm located in Dry Creek Valley.

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