I Love Our Reishi Spore Products!

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Hey everyone! I was at a health food store getting food for my family and I in Naples, FL and an older couple came up to me, specifically thanking me for bringing these incredible Reishi Spore Products to the world. At the time I unfortunately didn’t think to break out my camera, but they stated to me how these Reishi Spore Products were helping them immensely with their health and well-being.

We spent a lot of money testing the polysaccharide and triterpenoid levels of our Reishi Spore Products against our leading competitors’, and our levels were higher across the board. Our Reishi Spore Oil has higher levels compared to any other Reishi Spore Oil on the market and our Reishi Spore Triterpene Crystals far outweigh anything ever seen before. Nobody has been able to copy our Triterpene Crystal product. For this product, we extracted the most potent constituent of the Reishi Mushroom, which is the triterpenoids, and we put it in a bottle for people to benefit from.

I just had one bottle of the Reishi Spore Triterpene Crystals sent to me to use while I travel and it’s been a life saver. I couldn’t believe that when I opened the bottle, the powder was literally filled in there all the way up to the rim of the bottle. The bottle says it contains only 50 grams of powder, yet it is so dense that it lasts for months. I’ve literally passed a bottle around a room of 40 people to try it, who were all taking big scoops, and more than half the bottle was still there by the end.

Without a doubt, our Reishi Spore Triterpene Crystals are the most powerful superfood in the world, followed by our Reishi Spore Oil as number two. I love how I get a huge boost from it with zero come-down. It’s just pure 100% benefits to my body.

I love our Reishi Spore Products so much and they are available ‘At-Cost’ for only 72 hours more! It’s not often that we put them ‘At-Cost’…

So, if you are interested in ordering, click the link below:


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 "reishi" by NP Nutra (Featured Image)
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