On a Hunch, Policeman Follows Heroic Dog to Burning Building

Nadine Watters
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This is incredible! There are many stories of dogs saving the day when people or animals are in danger. In this case, Alaskan State Trooper Terrence Shanigan has no way of finding the location he’s been called to due to a frozen GPS. Driving down dark, remote, snowy roads, a dog shows up and starts running down the street. On a hunch, the policeman decides to follow the dog, which leads him directly to his owner’s burning workshop.

About: Buddy the dog, belongs to Ben Heinrichs. This video came from youtube.com. This amazing story was featured on Good Morning America, and the news footage and police cam video was edited by CasualEditOr. Alaskan State Trooper Terrence Shanigan recorded the footage from his police car as Buddy led him to the building. Here’s another video where Ben Heinrichs and Terrence Shanigan explain exactly what happened that night. You can read an article about Buddy’s heroism at the blog, canidae.com.

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