How to host a vegan dinner party that will delight every kind of guest!

Nadine Watters
How to host a vegan dinner party that will delight every kind of guest!
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If you are a vegan in an entertaining mood, but unsure of how to please guests of all stripes – fear not – you can throw a 100% vegan dinner party, and delight everyone at the table!

In fact, you might even convince some meat-eaters to consider going vegan when they see how scrumptious and fulfilling it is to eat this way.

Following are some ideas and recipes to please your guests from start to finish.

1. Appetizer & snack ideas

  • Irish Tomatoes – tomatoes make an excellent appetizer, when prepared right. This recipe for Irish Tomatoes fits the bill perfectly – prepared simply with tomatoes, oil and herbs, this tasty treat is a great option.
  • Lentil Spread is a scrumptious, hearty dip that will please all of your guests. You can use one of the many store bought snacks for spreading. PETA keeps an updated list of what it calls “accidentally vegan” products, including chips and crackers!
  • Nuts are typically the ultimate party and snack food, universally loved.

2. Main dish – entree ideas

  • Vegan Buffalo Chickpea Pasta is a savory main dish inspired by Buffalo Chicken Wing Pizza, turned around to make it vegan-friendly.
  • Chickpea Casserole is a surefire crowd-pleaser. This dish is the ultimate comfort food, and you can add your favorite veggies to it, for variety, if you’d like.
  • Valencian Rice & Beans hits the spot for any guest – it’s a hearty meal everyone will enjoy. This flavored rice and bean dish highlights onion, garlic, tomato, and more.

3. Side dish ideas

  • Aaloo Bhaji Fried Potatoes are a Pakistani-inspired flavorful and enticing side dish.
  • Marinated Mushrooms & Rice is a simple yet savory and delicious rice side dish – guests will want seconds with this one!
  • Aalu Tikki with Mint Chutney is a bright, colorful, and of course scrumptious dish. “Aalu” means potato, and “tikki” means cutlet. Aalu tikki is a very famous North Indian Street food which is served with spicy mint chutney. Even better, they are a breeze to make ahead of time – just warm them up in the oven right before eating!

4. Dessert ideas

5. Extra points: vegan-friendly wines

If you have any wine-loving guests, no problem! You can serve wine without sacrificing your vegan lifestyle by finding one listed at the website Barnivore. They offer a guide for vegan-friendly beer, wine and liquor.

So have a blast creating an amazing and delicious menu for your vegan dinner party – your guests will ask “when can we do this again?” – It’s a guarantee!

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