High School Football Player is Hilarious and Motivating!

Jamie Spector
High School Football Player is Hilarious and Motivating!
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This high school football player sure has a good attitude.  He was interviewed after an important win and his enthusiasm about not just winning, but about life is just infectious.  He has the best attitude I have ever seen in a high school student and he really does a good job in helping you believe you can do anything…

Being a successful athlete has a lot to do with attitude.  We have all been told it is important to be a good sport, whether you win or lose.  By keeping a positive attitude we are showing that our sport is important to us. We can put forth our best effort, win or lose, and know that we did the best we could.  By having this sort of viewpoint, we are able to be successful regardless of the outcome. We all want to succeed and sometimes that may involve “winning”, but sometimes it may simply mean that we did our very best and feel great about our performance, even if we “lost”.

Nine mental skills that contribute to success in sports have been identified. These include: maintaining a positive attitude, maintaining self-motivation, setting high, realistic goals, effectively dealing with people, using positive self-talk and self-imagery, managing anxiety and emotions, and maintaining concentration. (1) Athletes who have these skills and use them are likely to perform well on the field.

It sure seems like the high school football player in this video possesses these skills and is now glowing in his success!

About:  This video was originally seen on Lauren Mickler’s YouTube channelLauren Mickler is a sports journalist for TWC News Austin.  She covers both high school and college sports around the Austin area. Austin is the capital of Texas and the eleventh most populated city in the United States.

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