Hemp Oil May Protect The Heart and Prevent Heart Disease

Nadine Watters
Hemp Oil May Protect The Heart and Prevent Heart Disease
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Hempseed and hempseed oil are two items you may want to add to your heart-healthy regime if you haven’t done so already. According to a recent study with the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, hemp’s healthy fats are not just good for your brain, they’re also great for your ticker too! (1)

How hempseed and hempseed oil benefit the heart

The effects are still in the early studies but so far, hempseed oil has been shown to reduce the risk of coronary artery disease due to the healthy omega 3 fatty acids hemp contains. The omega 3’s found in hemp come from the ALA (alpha linolenic acid) that hemp and other seeds like flax and chia contain. These healthy fats have been proven over the years to lower the risk of heart disease and are commonly recommended now in a heart-healthy diet. They’re also a good source of fiber and antioxidants. (1)

When it comes to hempseed oil specifically, researchers have found it’s the specific sterols in the oil that do the magic for preventing heart problems. Sterols are basically steroid alcohols found in plants that lower cholesterol and platelet aggregation. (1) Hempseed oil also contains tocopherols, that improves the risk of degenerative heart diseases and Alzheimer’s, along with phytols, a type of sterol that contains antioxidants and even lower the risks of cancer. (1)

Addressing concerns about hemp

One of the most commonly asked questions about hempseed is if it contains THC, the drug that induces a high, which found is found in the marijuana plant. While hemp is a derivative of the cannabis (marijuana) plant, it does not produce a drug like effect and will not cause someone to test positive on a drug test. (2)

Hemp contains less than .0001% THC content, but the U.S. has banned the production of it since the 1930’s, though it is allowed to be used and sold through both food and material-based products like textiles. (1) Most hemp today is produced in Canada, where it was legalized in 1998 and is now sold to the U.S. from for textiles and items such as vegan protein powders and superfoods. (2)

How much hempseed oil is needed to benefit the heart?

When it comes to hemp use for heart health, just one or two servings a day is all it takes. That would be anywhere from 1-2 tablespoons of raw organic hempseed oil or 3 tablespoons of raw organic hempseeds.

Hemp also contains a large dose of magnesium, B vitamins, and protein so it may also offer other health benefits that improve the body and heart on other levels. Just be sure if you purchase hemp that you purchase raw and organic brands whenever you can. (3)

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